Handover at the Mejdlaya-Zgharta Campus - Université Antonine (UA)

  • Handover at the Mejdlaya-Zgharta Campus

    16 juillet 2021

    As Antonine University (UA) is keen to build a long-term community development model that relies on credibility and transparency, in order to ensure an improved automation of operational tasks and allow a proper allocation of resources, a plenary meeting was held on Friday July 16, 2021, at 12 PM, at Mejdlaya-Zgharta campus, and was attended by the Rector, Fr. Michel Jalakh, the Secretary General, Fr. Ziad Maatouk, the Bursar, Fr. Antonios Awkar, the Vice-Rector for Integral Human Development, Fr. Jean Al Alam, the Superior of Saints Sergius and Bacchus monastery, Abbot Ibrahim Bou Rajel, in the presence of the Branch Council members, academic and administrative staff, to welcome on board the newly appointed directors, whose projects will get off the ground and significantly contribute to the success of this institution.


    Although UA community was saddened to hear that Fr. Joseph Farah had to relinquish his managerial role as Branch Director, for he was entrusted with new strategic missions abroad, nevertheless, it cannot but pursue its endeavors with ambition and integrity. For this purpose, UA has put its trust in Fr. Antoine Aziz, who will take over full responsibility for managing the campus, and will be backed by Dr. Antonio Soutou, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sport Sciences (FSS), member of its Board, and FSS Dean’s Delegate at the aforementioned campus.


    On this occasion, the Rector made an address in which he expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the former Branch Director, Fr. Francesco El Khoury, who demonstrated outstanding dedication and unyielding commitment over the past years. He then went on to extend special thanks to Fr. Joseph Farah, who made invaluable contribution to fostering a positive work environment and improving efficiency across a number of areas. Moreover, the Rector applauded the courage of Dr. Soutou to take on a new challenge amid these unprecedented times, wished him plenty of success, and introduced Fr. Aziz, who served as Bursar a few years back. Without dwelling on general considerations pertaining to the crisis and its adverse impact, as these were tackled during the General Assembly, the Rector stressed the importance of three focal points which can no longer be omitted. In fact, not only is UA characterized by its affordable tuition fees, but also and most importantly, it is set apart by the quality of teaching and learning, which is integrated into student-centered strategies that put students at the heart of its strategic goals. Moreover, he stated that UA keeps on placing considerable emphasis on nurturing relationships among its members, whose primary focus is to step up efforts intended to yield positive outcomes for students’ well-being.


    The address was followed by a speech given by Dr. soutou, who was filled with thankfulness for the unwavering support of the Rector, and reiterated his readiness to shoulder responsibilities, show real determination to overcome setbacks, and maintain momentum for constant progress. After that, Fr. Aziz concluded with a brief statement that summarized his ideas: “In reality, as patients are at the center of the healthcare universe, and believers are at the core of religious institutions, so too must be UA students whom we need to empower to achieve their aspirations”. The participants had then the opportunity to exchange ideas and make new connections, as light refreshments were served at the end of the meeting.


    UA community will always unite its strengths to build a better tomorrow!