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  • SCE’2019 A Must-Attend Meeting for Dental Professionals

    29 mars 2019
    Over the years, the UA Scientific Congress & Exhibition (SCE) has become a highly expected event in the region, and this edition was no exception. Indeed, the 2019 two-day conference closed its doors with a total of 870 local and international dental professionals and delegates from over 26 different countries, such as Austria, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and the USA, not to mention the eight dental lab Presidents who flew from Canada, Morocco, etc. to Lebanon.

    Year after year, SCE is being more and more powerful, comprehensive, and prosperous and that reflects very positively on the already well-established reputation of the UA Department of Dental Laboratory Technology who was organizing the event. Actually, the department is now regarded as the regional leading organizer for international dental scientific conferences.

    SCE’19 provided, on the one side, a high-level scientific agenda and, on the other side, hands-on training courses to ensure that dentists and dental laboratory technologists would be brought fully up-to-date with the latest technologies on the market. The two training courses planned on March 27-28, namely “Shoot like a Pro” by Milos Miladinov and “Keep it Simple” by Paulo Battistella, were particularly big hits.
    On a business level, SCE’19 was a unique networking opportunity for all visitors, from companies to delegates and dental laboratory technologists. And last but not least, the logistical side which matters to visitors as well – isn’t everyone short on time nowadays? – well, it was perfect too! Cherry on the top, SCE’19 offered direct translation from English, Turkish, and French to Arabic.
    It is also worth mentioning that USA’s Dental Technicians Guild (DTG) participated and fully supported the event in addition to the Lebanese Society of Prosthodontics support and the accreditation of the Lebanese Dental Association by 6 LDA Points.
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