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Virtual Commencement Ceremony (VCC) – Class of 2020

Virtual Commencement Ceremony (VCC) – Class of 2020



Legends of 2020
To be a first-year student today is already a superpower! What if you have accomplished your last? Heroes are those who start up motivating and challenging journeys, and legends are those who end up victorious. Unlike previous years and same as the rapid-changing surroundings, we cannot but bow in front of your achievements and be proud of what you have gained. Commencement ceremonies have always been remarkable at the UA; your University, and will surely not miss it this year despite all the challenges.

Virtual Means Real
Your Commencement Ceremony this year will be virtual. Virtual that is real in the meaning, look, and feel. We will strive to make this occasion as real as possible to fold together unforgettable experience throughout your whole sit at the UA and heartfelt memories that will last decades. We can’t wait to see you indulged in this day that will mark your graduation from the Antonine University until forever.

Let the Countdown Begin
The Commencement Ceremony of you, Legends of 2020, will be prepared over several days and streamed on another over our social media platforms. You are essential in all chapters to mark this year’s graduation ceremony. One part will be focused on your organized on-campus presence to construct the main part of the ceremony, and other will be focused on the UA Rector, deans, directors, the valedictorian, student representatives, oaths, as well the announcement of your graduation. Ceremony will be held live over our social media platforms on October 30, 2020 at a time that will be announced later.

Featuring You
Your campus is eager to have you on its premises for one last time as student and forever as a graduate. Come and make some eternal memories with your family and friends in a safe environment and organized professional photoshoot sessions in the corners of your alma mater to be. Your photos will be featured in a one coherent live streaming video featuring you graduating from the UA in the presence of the UA Council.
You may refer to the on-campus photoshoot schedule (that will be available here soon) to spot your session’s date and time. An SMS will also be sent to you a few days prior the photoshoot to remind you of its date and time.

If you haven’t registered yet for the Virtual Commencement Ceremony, fill in the registration form before October 12 at noon.

Your Safety Matters
We will ensure light on-campus presence as per the above mentioned dates since your safety matters. Limited groups will be allowed on campus on hourly basis and must apply social distancing as well as all international and recommended safety measures. We will ensure that all measures and activities are being applied professionally and responsibly. As for the Caps and Gowns, be sure that they are all disinfected and will not be shared among students.

Steps to the Finale
As you reach the campus main gate, you will be welcomed by the UA staff who will guide you through the process. Signages and instructions will be scattered everywhere to help you spot the checkpoints (CP).
CP1. Access the University through the campus main gate. Don’t forget to wear your face mask!
CP2. Pay the Ceremony fees at the cashier.
CP3. Place any of your personal items that you would like to preserve and discover after 10 years in the time capsule dedicated for your class.
CP4. Reach your fitting rooms and get ready for the photoshoot.
CP5. Indulge in the campus photoshoot session with your beloved ones and make immortal memories.
CP6. Return your cap and gown and receive your diploma!
CP7. Leave your personal email address to receive your digital photos once ready.
CP8. Take with you your best memories and keep your loyalty to the Antonine University. 


Make Your Loved Ones Proud
While two of your dear ones can access the campus with you on the day of the photoshoot, you will be proud to share the ceremony link with your beloved ones to stare at you graduate and throw your cap in the air. All can celebrate with you on your special day through the event live streaming.

Your Last Memories
Your memories on the day of the photoshoot will be shared with you along with the ceremony link through your email addresses. Stay connected!

Reach Us
We have dedicated a hotline for all your inquiries as well as an email to help you sort out your difficulties at this event. Reach us on +961 5 927 011 or graduation@ua.edu.lb.

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