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Virtual Integration Day for New Students

Virtual Integration Day for New Students



This page will be updated regularly until the beginning of the Fall Term 2020 on September 21. We invite you to keep checking it.

Welcome to the Antonine University (UA)

This year unlike others, UA will hold its Integration Day for New Students virtually. While we love to see you on campus, the given health situation taking over the country, the region, and the globe has dominated over our physical presence hopefully for not so long. While we are apart, your health remains our top priority and we will always be ready to escort and guide you through this transitional period. For this, our Virtual Integration Day will introduce you to your faculty and some other essentials at the University.  

Register for the Virtual Integration Day Now!
If you have paid your registration fee for the Academic Year 2020–21 but haven’t registered yet for the Virtual Integration Day, remember that your presence is essential and mandatory to kick off the Fall term and your academic journey at UA. Confirm your presence now.

Important Note: if you haven’t visited the Office of Orientation and Admissions for application clearance following your registration fee payment, consider doing it the soonest to be able to start the enrollment process.

Meet the Rector



Get to Know Your Faculty
During your Virtual Integration Day, you will get to know the dean of your faculty or the director of your department via a session that will be held on Microsoft Teams at 11:30 a.m. for undergraduate and engineering students, and at 12:30 p.m. for graduate students.
During the same session, one of your academic advisers—who are always ready to guide you and advise you through your academic journey—will introduce to you the academic program you are enrolled in. Feel free to ask them anything you need to know.
You will receive, by September 6, an SMS including the relevant link to join the session. Don’t miss out!

Discover the UA Student Information System (SIS) and Courses’ Enrollment
Follow the below tutorial video to discover the Student Information System (SIS) which will help you flexibly check the course offering, add, swap, or drop courses.

Uncover Moodle: the UA e-Courses Platform
Moodle is the official UA e-courses platform. Since ever, our University adopts the Moodle for sharing courses, projects, and assignments by faculty members. Check the below tutorial to know more and be familiar with the e-courses platform that you might be utilizing all year long.


Get Familiar with Microsoft Teams 

The MS Teams is now known like never before. The official means of telecommuting and distant learning is the MS Teams. Watch the below tutorial to know more how to use the MS Teams, join classes, and participate in University meetings. MS Teams is also a great way to connect with your peers.


What About a Virtual Tour?
Until we meet on campus, you can plan a virtual tour through the UA Augmented Reality Application that will offer you a realistic view for every corner of our Hadat–Baabda Campus. You can have a virtual tour of the campus by downloading the Application available on both the Play Store and the App Store.

Get Integrated
Throughout your journey at the University, you will surely need to refer to one of the below services and facilities:


The Office of the Registrar (OOR) is committed to providing high-quality service to all of our current and former students.
For further information or inquiries: registrar@ua.edu.lb

Student Affairs
Whatever difficulty you are facing, whatever ideas you want to implement, and whatever information you need to know, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is always ready to assist you.
For further information or inquiries: sao@ua.edu.lb

Do you want to express your interest and develop your skills on Campus? Enjoy yourself and get involved in the UA campus life by joining clubs or by suggesting new ones!
The available clubs include: Hiking Club, Drama Club, Dance Club, Photography Club, Music Club, Green Club, Cine Club, First Aid Club, Armenian Club, and Ski Club.
Learn more: sao@ua.edu.lb

Office of Athletics
“Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood!”
As a pioneer in the Sports field, UA encourages you to get involved in the offered activities. Join now the Office of Athletics and get the chance to become a winner, a champion!
For further information or inquiries: edgard.azzi@ua.edu.lb

Financial Aid
There should be no reason that stops you from acquiring higher education, and especially financial obstacles. At the Office of Financial Aid (OFA), we will do our best to ensure you get the quality education you deserve!
For further information or inquiries: financialaid@ua.edu.lb

Student Volunteering Program
Since UA has dedicated its mission to develop the students’ talents and to build their skills whether personal, academic, or professional, it has introduced the Students Volunteering Program (SVP). Through this project, the Vice-Rectorate for Integral Human Development is working to ensure that students are developing their skills and developing a sense of civic responsibility. Furthermore, we believe that students discover the working world through volunteering; they acquire new personal and professional abilities, learn how to work in a team, build communication skills, build up their confidence, etc.
For further information or inquiries: volunteering@ua.edu.lb

Academic Success Service
The Academic Success Service is the best support for you to succeed. The Vice-Rectorate for Integral Human Development introduced this service to help you thrive in your studies and build lifelong learning habits. It is a free service that aims to help you minimize your writing difficulties, develop your academic skills, and acquire new strategies that will lead you to submit better assignments and projects.
For further information or inquiries: academic.success@ua.edu.lb

Counseling Service
At UA, your mental health matters. And this is why the Counseling Service aims to help you grow and flourish while enjoying your academic path in a healthy campus community. Through this service, we provide you with effective tools to support you through difficult and challenging times that you may be going through. You may face many transitions in your life and experience difficult situations that will require making a reasonable decision; therefore, we are ready to welcome you whenever you need help to maximize your potential. It is always beneficial to talk!
For appointments: counseling@ua.edu.lb

Our Library offers you comfortable spaces and a wide range of collections that inspire new ideas and innovations. To make you feel like home, our friendly experts are ready to help you at any time.
For further information or inquiries: bibliothèque@ua.edu.lb

University Pastoral Work
If you are looking to develop some skills, make connections, grow spiritually, and most importantly contribute to society, then you are a member of the University Pastoral Work.
For further information or inquiries: aumonier@ua.edu.lb

Career Development
The Center for Career Development (CCD) will help you succeed your integration in the labor market by disseminating various training and job offers.
For further information or any inquiries: ccd@ua.edu.lb


Follow the UA official pages to stay up to date and be engaged in all the news and activities of your community, and do not forget to tag @uAntonine on social media throughout your university experience.

Check your UA email constantly; this should be a daily routine for you to stay alerted especially in this unstable situation we are currently living.


You Ask, We Answer

Q: What is E-courses (Moodle) and how can I access it?
A: E-courses is a platform that allows you to view and download all courses’ materials shared by your instructor, upload your assignments, and submit quizzes.
E-courses (Moodle) Student Tutorial
Q: How should I know what courses should I take first?
A: You have to contact your adviser who will support you and answer all your inquiries throughout your academic journey.
Q: Can I drop a course after enrollment?
A: You can drop a course during the drop/add period scheduled on the Academic Calendar. For further information, you can also watch the SIS Student Tutorial
Q: How can I transfer to another major?
A: Transferring may be a good option if your current major does not satisfy your career goals. If you are hoping to switch to another major, you should fill out the internal transfer form and to submit it to the Office of the Registrar before the add/drop deadline.
Q: Is it mandatory to take any language courses?
A: Each faculty has its own language requirements; therefore, you must check with your adviser or with the Language Center the language course(s) you should enroll in.
Q: Can I change my adviser?
A: Yes. In order to change your adviser, send an email to your Dean/Director of Faculty/Department stating the reason behind your inquiry.
Q: Where can I purchase my books?
A: You can purchase your books from the UA bookstore located in Block G, Ground floor. However, your instructors can also share materials on e-courses (Moodle) and Microsoft Teams. 
Q: Where can I apply for a financial aid?
A: UA offers payment flexibility devided into several installments per year. Students who struggle to pay their tuition fees may be eligible to apply for financial assistance. Learn more about the Financial Aid.
Q: How can I check my financial status and payment due dates?
A: You can check your payment and financial details on UA SIS. Get more familiar with the SIS by watching the SIS Student Tutorial
Q: How to apply for a Student Job?
A: The student job program is not available at UA. However, in order to help you develop your personal and professional skills, UA offers you the Student Volunteering Program, managed by the Financial Aid Office. Your engagement and the time you spend as a volunteer at UA will give you the possibility of being granted a financial help in the following academic year.
Q: Where can I pay my dues?
A: Tuition fees can be paid in both USD or its equivalence in LBP in conformity with the official exchange rate defined by the Central Bank at any branch of Bank of Beirut or Byblos Bank. In order to smoothen the tuition fees payment, you can pay directly through Bank of Beirut ATMs.
Q: How do I apply for residence at the UA dorms?
A: If you are willing to live on campus, you can contact the Office of Student Affairs at sao@ua.edu.lb to be assisted and provided with all the needed information about available rooms, prices, and services.
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