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  • Let Your Writing Difficulties Go with This Service!

    21 novembre 2019
    Let Your Writing Difficulties Go with This Service!

    Do you find difficulties in writing your papers or thesis? Are you facing difficulties in putting your ideas into words?

    Antonine University offers you the Academic Success Service. A service that will guide you throughout your writing process. It will help you in:


    - Minimizing your writing difficulties
    - Language, referencing and organizational problems
    - Achieving success in your academic writing skills through adequate workshops


    You will be part of a one-on-one meeting with the service’s advisor, who will help you position your problems and difficulties in writing in order to provide you with the appropriate support.
    All you have to do is book you appointment via the following link https://bit.ly/2OjAaqY and choose the language you’d like to receive this service in.

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