EDC's International WRN Course is Available Now at UA - Université Antonine (UA)

  • EDC's International WRN Course is Available Now at UA

    08 janvier 2021
    EDC's International WRN Course  is Available Now at UA

    The Center for Career Development (CCD) at Antonine University (UA) is implementing the Work Ready Now (WRN) course, which will better prepare graduates for employment and success in the labor market. This course will also help students acquire strategies to present themselves professionally and understand workplace behaviors that employers search for when hiring new employees.

    Course Overview
    Work Ready Now is an internationally recognized soft skills course, taught in 26 countries worldwide to over half a million learners. Using activity-based teaching and learning methods, WRN will help students communicate effectively in local and international work contexts.

    WRN course is delivered as part of the Higher Education Capacity Development (HECD) Program, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and implemented by the Education Development Center (EDC) in partnership with Florida State University (FSU).

    Course Learning Outcomes
    Through innovative WRN activities, students will be able to:


    • understand personal values and interests and develop a path toward professional goals;
    • communicate with others, give presentations, and provide customer service in a professional environment;
    • write an effective CV and use the appropriate networks to identify and apply for employment opportunities;
    • understand workplace behaviors and demonstrate professional conduct in a workplace environment;
    • recognize the leadership styles and learn how to motivate and guide others to solve problems and take appropriate decisions toward achieving their goals; and
    • develop a clear career portfolio that they can share with potential employers.

    Course Parameters

    • Number of credits: 3
    • Teaching hours: 45
    • Course category: Elective
    • Teaching language: English

    WRN will be open to UA students as an elective course starting this Spring 2021 Semester. For your registration and for more details about the course, contact the CCD by sending an email to ccd@ua.edu.lb or calling the +961 5 927 012.