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Admissions Response to COVID-19

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Antonine University (UA) has temporarily suspended some of its requirements for applying to the Spring and Fall 2021 Terms and has provisionally relaxed some undergraduate and graduate admissions policies and procedures to ensure high school and university students are not affected with the current situation our country and the whole world are going through. We were and will always be trying to find the best solutions that fit our University’s academic standards and your expectations.

UA will ensure a smooth process for application submission in all three campuses, through its admissions team ready to guide you and assist you in fulfilling all the amended temporary requirements to make sure you apply online and make it through the Spring and Fall 2021.

New Measures

UA will exceptionally relax some of its procedures with extreme flexibility in order to cope with the current situation, through the following measures:

  • UA will accept copies and uncertified school records and academic documents which must be verified once back to the normal situation.
  • UA will consider certified school documents and records as official if submitted by the school administration to the official email addresses of the campus of your choice: for Hadat–Baabda Campus; for Nabi Ayla–Zahle Campus, and for Mejdlaya–Zgharta Campus.
  • UA will prolong the accepted SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge English Exam validity to 5 years.
  • UA will accept students who have been assessed and admitted during Fall 2020 and will consider them admitted to the Spring 2021 Term; this does not apply to the programs that offer limited places.
  • UA will take into consideration the grade 10 and 11 records in its assessment, if needed.
  • UA will accept transcripts with no letter grades for transfer students and will make sure they are not penalized for having Pass/No Pass kind of assessments.
  • UA will accept unofficial transcripts and course descriptions for transfer students—to be verified once back to the normal situation.

It is worth mentioning that the stated modifications are not intended as an admissions policy shift but are rather a temporary accommodation driven by the current unusual circumstances.

Application Submission

If you are willing to apply to our University for an undergraduate program, please fill and submit one of the forms below.
English version: undergraduate application form [en]
French version: undergraduate application form [fr]

If you are willing to apply to our University for a graduate program, please fill and submit one of the forms below.
English version: graduate application form [en]
French version: graduate application form [fr]

Application fees (70 USD) and exam fees (50 USD) can be paid in USD or LBP as per the official exchange rate.

For Your Inquiries
    For an informative orientation session and any other admission-related assistance, the Admissions team is at your disposal on weekdays from 7:45 AM to 4:15 PM, and on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Reach the admissions team on the following contact details:

    Hadat–Baabda Campus
    WhatsApp: +961 70 908 693
    Phone: +961 5 927 000 ext. 1140 – 1142 – 1143 – 1144

    Nabi Ayla–Zahle
    WhatsApp: +961 70 605 749
    Phone: +961 8 902 020 ext. 114 – 143

    Mejdlaya–Zgharta Campus
    WhatsApp: +961 70 702 952
    Phone: +961 6 669101 ext. 29
    Are you operating during the lockdown period?
    In line with the Lebanese Government decision, our three campuses will be closed during the total lockdown (November 14–29, 2020). However, we will be operating remotely during this period to respond to all your inquiries.
    Are you still processing applications?
    Definitely! We will be conducting several entrance exam sessions for the Spring and Fall 2021 Terms. You can always apply three days prior to the announced entrance exam session. Usually, our entrance exam sessions continue to be held until the month of August. Apply the soonest since some of our programs offer limited places.

    How can we apply to UA during the present circumstances?
    If you are interested in applying to UA, you can fill our online application form. The Admissions team will contact you and provide you with your ID number and the exams schedule (if applicable) in order for you to settle the application fees (70 USD) and exam fees (50 USD). 

    During lockdown, how would the University conduct entrance exams?
    If things do not get back to normal and we could not conduct the UA entrance exams on campus, new admissions measures that have already been decided upon will be applied accordingly. Students will be informed about further new measures in time.

    Is it necessary to submit SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, LCCI, Cambridge English exam, and DELF?
    You don’t have to worry about submitting external recognized tests. You will be assessed according to the UA assessment standards.

    When will the Spring 2021 Term begin?
    The Spring 2021 Term will begin on February 8, 2021.

    In which currency are you accepting tuition fees?
    Tuition fees can be paid in both USD or its equivalence in LBP in conformity with the official exchanging rate defined by the Central Bank of Lebanon.

    Can I visit your campus virtually?
    Yes! You can have a virtual tour of our Hadat–Baabda Campus by downloading the UA Augmented Reality Application available on both the Play Store and the App Store.

    Can I apply for financial aid?
    You can apply for the Fall 2021 Term and submit your financial aid application online starting May 2021.
    Financial aid application form [en]
    Financial aid application form [fr]
    You can also contact the Office of Financial Aid at or +961 5 927 000 ext. 1230. Applications will be examined and decisions will be taken within a month from the date of submission.

    To how many installments is my tuition fees divided?
    UA offers flexibility regarding this matter. Tuition fees can be divided into 8 to 10 installments per academic year.