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At a Glance

At a Glance

Our story, the story of Antonine University (UA), is one of transformation and achievement. It started as an idea, evolved into a goal, and became a dream-turned-reality. It began with youth and grew into wisdom, shaped by dedication and fueled by passion.

Education Forged With Passion

Our tale began in 1996, when the Antonine Maronite Order (OAM) founded UA, a private Catholic university in Lebanon, with a clear mission: to produce high-quality education and create an optimal student experience. To fulfill this mission, we have developed advanced study programs and fostered a positive environment that nurtures and strengthens the talents of our students.

Committed to excellence, diversity, and integrity, UA has been granted institutional certification by the Swiss Accreditation and Quality Assurance Agency (AAQ), as several of our programs are accredited by leading authoritative agencies in Europe. We believe that we are the ideal institution for you to pursue your studies and embark on your professional journey. We see our students as partners, and as we evolve, we strive to meet their needs and aspirations. We understand the desire to succeed, and together, hand in hand, we will forge the path towards your success as long as you are willing to work hard.

As you read this, contemplating your future and dreaming about your life, we hope that tomorrow you will find yourself sitting in one of our classrooms, turning your dreams into reality.