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Office of Alumni Relations

Throughout life, you go through various phases of transition. Academically, you move from school to university and eventually enter the professional world. While your academic journey prepares you for your chosen field, there are times when you still seek guidance and mentorship, even after graduation. At Antonine University (UA), our commitment to student relations extends far beyond graduation.

Establishing a strong and supportive alumni network is essential to the success of any university. Building positive relationships with alumni benefits both the university and its graduates. With this in mind, UA founded the Office of Alumni Relations in 2014, bringing together all UA graduates.

The key roles of this Office are to maintain a lasting and meaningful connection between graduates and their alma mater, foster solid relationships, and promote effective communication channels between UA and its alumni. Additionally, the Office facilitates networking opportunities among different generations of UA attendees. Our aim is to provide UA alumni with access to a wide array of services, including seminars, conferences, continuing education programs, job opportunities, and an extensive database.

By actively engaging in ongoing dialogue with our graduates, UA seeks to involve you in the development and continuous growth of the University, recognizing that you are an invaluable asset to our success!