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Faculty of Engineering

Based on their knowledge and skills acquired during their studies, engineers play an essential role in society, both in terms of technological advancement and the progress of human condition. And to create a better future, what could be more logical than resorting to the cutting-edge technologies available?

In order to meet the challenges at hand, the Faculty of Engineering (FOE) at Antonine University (UA) combines several disciplines: engineering, science, and art, to form a unique and advanced educational system. Thus, through its 2 main branches, namely the Department of Computer and Communications Engineering (DCCE) and the Department of Technology in Computer Science (DTCS), the Faculty provides its students with diversified paths supported by a solid engineering education based on the exploration of theories and system modeling to foster development and innovation.

As part of its modern approach to teaching and learning, programs and activities go hand in hand to strongly stimulate student’s adaptability, facilitate their professional integration, and ensure, as far as possible, a stable and sustainable career.