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Antonine University (UA) is aware of the impact of globalization through modern means of communication, the multiplicity of partnerships, and the rapid development of skills. It thus affirms its willingness to integrate internationalization into all of its activities. Recognizing diversity as one of its fundamental values, UA works to develop the potential of its community, in particular its students, to think and act in a changing world, collaborate and work in an international and intercultural context, think differently, and design innovative methods in teaching as well as new solutions in research with regard to what is happening elsewhere.


Committed to reflect UA values, our internationalization strategy assumes the following principles.

Respect of Diversity

UA is an open and inclusive university. Its internationalization commitments are governed by respect for cultural diversity and the promotion of intercultural communication. It seeks to integrate the international and intercultural dimension at all levels of the student experience, and to train proactive citizens respectful of diversity, in a climate resistant to all forms of discrimination or exclusion, they are related to origin, sex, age, religion, disability or other. It requires the same commitment from all its international partners.

Internationalization at Home

While providing mobility opportunities for students and in order to stem the brain drain , UA guarantees all its students a climate conducive to the development of international skills at home. In teaching, for example, it ensures the use of comparative international literature, the organisation of courses given by invited speakers representing local cultural groups, to propose case studies or international practical studies. Not to mention that technology-based solutions can guarantee equal access to internationalization opportunities for all students.


Internationalization at UA depends on the commitment of all the constituents of the University. It is part of a dynamic of extended collegiality allowing UA members to be involved in reflection and decision-making processes. While the definition of UA's guidelines for internationalization is stated by the Internationalization Strategic Committee, the implementation of Internationalization policy is function of the International Relations Office, under the responsibility of the Vice Rector for Cooperation and Internationalization, Prof. Rony Darazi.