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In addition to its mission of knowledge transfer, the Faculty of Engineering (FOE) plays a vital role in technology transfer, which has proven to be highly essential for the scientific community. Collaboration projects, mainly conducted in partnership with national and international universities, were among the main factors driving scientific research at the FOE until 2009.

These projects have contributed to the career development of approximately 15 alumni, the majority of whom are currently members of the Antonine University (UA) academic community.

In the academic year 2009–10, UA invested considerable effort in establishing an independent structure for the advancement of scientific research, which serves as the foundation for studying and implementing new technologies. It is within this perspective that UA launched its research laboratory, TICKET.

The TICKET Lab contributes to the development of research themes primarily related to the field of information and communication technology. Since its foundation, TICKET Lab has adopted a cross-disciplinary policy to efficiently integrate all its members into developing contextualized research projects, aimed at enhancing scientific production. Furthermore, TICKET Lab actively contributes to the dissemination of knowledge within the local community through the organization of international workshops and conferences in collaboration with its partners.

As part of its scientific development plan, TICKET Lab is undergoing a reorganization process to fully immerse itself in an ever-expanding world. TICKET’s specific objectives include:

  • strengthening its logistics;
  • restoring its infrastructure;
  • enhancing the expertise and skills of its members;
  • ensuring high internal and external scientific standards;
  • conducting and participating in major research projects.

TICKET Lab actively encourages technology transfer and increasingly seeks to establish long-term partnerships with industrial and corporate entities.