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Let Us Build a Better Tomorrow

Investing in altruistic acts has been recognized as an extremely gratifying initiative, a noble humanitarian deed, and a grace given to us to improve countless lives, break the habit of selfishness, reinforce our core values, find meaning in life, and fulfill our moral obligation. At Antonine University (UA), we believe in the power of philanthropy and the commitment of changemakers to shape a better world.

Why donate to UA?

Your contribution to UA will:

  • provide life-changing scholarships to deserving students;
  • support cutting-edge research projects that address global challenges;
  • enhance the student experience through improved facilities and resources;
  • empower faculty and staff members to continue their excellent work;
  • ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the University.


Avenues for Your Support


Help ambitious students, who are the hope and future of our nation, overcome financial barriers and pursue their academic dreams.

Academic Excellence

Recognize and reward outstanding students through merit-based scholarships.

Student Clubs

Enrich the vibrant campus life by supporting student-led clubs and societies, which keep them engaged and nurture their interpersonal skills.

Campus Development

UA is always expanding and upgrading its premises, not only to match the requirements of the market but, most importantly, to offer the possibility to pursue multiple fields of study. Contribute to the expansion and modernization of UA’s facilities, fostering a dynamic learning environment.


As UA puts research at the forefront of its priorities, it provides avenues for the pursuit of excellence and focuses on many projects that need your support to get off the ground. Fuel groundbreaking research initiatives that have the potential to shape the future.



Enhance UA’s knowledge resources through monetary or material donations (books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, etc.) that can enrich the Library’s collection.

Other Options

Any other option that you find suitable can be envisaged for the benefit of the community. No contribution is too small to make a significant impact, and no act of kindness is ever wasted!

How to Contribute

To donate, please contact our team at

Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow for our community and the world!