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Student Volunteering Program

As part of its mission to develop its students’ talents and build their skills, the Vice Rectorate for Integral Human Development (VRIHD) at Antonine University (UA) established the Student Volunteering Program (SVP) to ensure that they develop a sense of civic responsibility. As they acquire new personal and professional abilities, learn how to work in a team, enhance their communication skills, and boost their confidence through volunteer work, students also begin to get a taste of the working world.

Students who volunteer at the University would benefit on 3 different scales:

Career Development Scale

On the scale of career development, volunteering will enhance the students’ résumés and provide them with numerous opportunities to meet new people who may be able to assist them in their professional careers. Through volunteering at the University, students would improve their leadership skills, professional aptitudes, career experience, and professional networking.

Value-driven Scale

Students who volunteer should pick up new skills outside of the classroom by growing in trust, fulfillment, and self-confidence as they learn the value of giving others the support and resources they require, which encourages them to view the world from different perspectives.

Social Scale

Students who volunteer will pay attention to social interaction and recognition from peers, friends, and administrative staff. Students will also learn how to manage collaboration and respect others, as they will encounter a variety of viewpoints and must respect them all. UA hopes that its students will participate in the volunteer program, become active members of the UA community, gain knowledge of the working world, and hone their skills.

It is important to know that volunteers neither replace UA employees nor do their jobs; on the contrary, they offer genuine and valuable assistance. Please be aware that while we continue to schedule student volunteer hours around the academic course schedule, they will not have access to any private or confidential information.

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