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Faculty of Sport Sciences

The sports sector has been steadily growing throughout the years; and is leaving a mark in the country’s identity, and is strengthening social cohesion. The universe of sports is becoming more modernized by day and is gaining more professionalism, and this expansion creates new job opportunities for the new generations. Professions and specializations in this field are diverse; they can target the field of training, management, education, and health.

In the year 1975, the Antonine Sports Club was established, and since then, it kept on growing and improving to become what is known today as the Faculty of Sport Sciences.

The Faculty of Sport Sciences at the Antonine University (UA) has been acknowledged as a national leader in Sport Sciences that provides distinctive undergraduate and graduate programs.

Both our students and faculty, share the desire to improve the sports performance of athletes, life quality, and the sports sector in general. The faculty collaborates with national sports clubs and both national and international sports organizations to contribute to sports and athletes' health in Lebanon.