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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The opportunity to create memories is one of the best aspects of the university experience. Memories like meeting new friends, engaging in meaningful discussions, and crossing the stage to receive diplomas are all highlights of the academic journey. However, students sometimes forget one of the most important things they need to add to those memories: making a difference.

Students at Antonine University (UA) may therefore take advantage of the Pastoral Care service to make a difference in the world, give back to their community, or simply grow spiritually. In truth, volunteering offers university students many benefits, including:

  • improving job prospects;
  • developing skills;
  • making connections;
  • leading more spiritual lives;
  • having a higher employment rate.


If you are looking to develop some skills, make connections, grow spiritually, and most importantly, contribute to society, then you are a member of the Pastoral Care!