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Research Units

Research Units

Nowadays, everything moves quickly, life is evolving faster than we have ever expected. Nevertheless, we are still capable of understanding this evolvement directly. The main reason for this understanding is created through research.

Research asks the necessary questions, discovers needed information, and judges new knowledge, ideas, and the technologies required to inspire humanity towards a brighter future. Research is a chance to make a change, and at the Antonine University (UA), we believe that our actions can truly impact the future.

To inspire our students to get involved in research, UA established research units that are open to every UA student and faculty. The research at UA is mainly carried out by three research units, which are:
  • the Telecommunications, Information, and Computer Key Enabling Technologies Laboratory (TICKET Lab), attached to the Faculty of Engineering (FE);
  • the Centre for Research on Musical Traditions (CRTM), attached to the Faculty of Music and Musicology (FMM); and
  • the Euro-Mediterranean Research Centre for Arts and Communication (CREMAC), which is attached to the Faculty of Information-Communication (FIC).

The Ticket Lab focuses primarily on research related to technology and engineering. In addition, the CRTM, where its main activity revolve around research about music and musicology.

The efforts and research done in those labs will have a positive impact, and be felt by the generations to come.