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UA Choir

UA Choir

Music plays a very significant and powerful role in our lives. Without melodies and harmonies, life would be just mute. Music can help you relax, calm down, and deviates any disturbances, but at the same time, music can inspire you and bring an adrenaline rush into your body. That is the power of music; it can present all sorts of emotions, whether the emotion is joy and happiness or sadness and despair through tones, rhythms, and harmonies music can display it.

Not only that, but music can transport you anywhere because it opens up the brain to imagine and create, as you are listening to it you can feel yourself levitating to visit or revisit images in your memory.

Music can paint a picture and tell a story! Through musical images, through tones and melodies, music can create.

Because the Antonine University (UA) knows the benefits and understands the power of music UA founded in 1978, the UA Choir, one of the leading choirs in Lebanon, has contributed since the eighties in the cultural enrichment of the Lebanese musical life with its repertory and has then gained international recognition.

The choir is primarily composed of current and former students of the Antonine University. It has participated in various prestigious local and international concerts, notably with the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, the Opera Romania Philharmonic Orchestra Timisoara, the New England Symphonic Ensemble, the Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra, the Los Angeles Music Sinfonia, the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia, and the Giovanile Mediterranea Orchestra.

The UA Choir is a place where students can expand their musical boundaries and it provides them with a wonderful opportunity to meet other talented artists.