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Language Center

“Hi, كيفك, ça va”, the tagline that is currently used to refer to the Lebanese trilingual fusion between the Arabic, French and English languages, the latter being casually used in daily life contexts. Lebanese people pride themselves on having the privilege to explore the richness of various cultures. In truth, Lebanon has proved beyond any doubts that it can always shine brightly amid the gloom and defy the darkness with its invaluable cultural heritage and its world-class educational services. Moreover, its geographical location has played a crucial role in making our capital a vital crossroads between East and West for several centuries.


As previously stated, its people were and still are its greatest asset, for they are gifted with outstanding linguistic abilities allowing them to speak many languages fluently and accurately and to resemble native-like speakers. These skills are nurtured in schools and universities where knowledge is disseminated using the most diversified and innovative methodologies, coupled with cutting-edge teaching techniques.
Among the higher education institutions that emphazise the importance of learning languages is Antonine University (UA), which established the Language Center in 2005, aimed at fostering excellence in language learning and finding creative ways to help people truly communicate more effectively than ever before. This Center provides a wide range of high-quality language services, thus enabling people to develop their interpretation, translation and transcription skills.


The language courses are open to the UA students from any Faculty or Department. They are tailored to their needs to guarantee the success of their learning journey and are adapted to the job market requirements. In addition, the Center offers refresher courses in French, English, Italian, and Mandarin, intended to encourage, promote, and develop the acquisition of plurilingualism.


Join us to boost your academic confidence and navigate through multiple languages!