Faculty of Information and Communication | Antonine University

Faculty of Information and Communication

Welcome to the Faculty of Information and Communication at the Antonine University (UA), where you will discover a world of creativity and engagement with high-tech collaboration. Our leading motto is “Student Engagement for Sustainable Success,” which truly highlights our belief in quality education.

The faculty offers programs in audio-visual, journalism, graphic design, and advertising at undergraduate and graduate levels, with state-of-the-art laboratories for filmmaking and TV productions. Students graduating from our Faculty have a reputation of excellence that opens doors of employment opportunities at many local and regional employers. While English and French are the main languages of teaching, we also offer programs in Arabic for Lebanese and students from Arab countries as part of the regional and international collaboration.

We follow the American system of credit hours in all our programs, allowing more autonomy for students in their selection of courses and workload. With the growth of our faculty, we will be launching new programs in educational sciences and communication, psychology, and translation.