English Coordinator at UA Presents Innovative Teaching Method at TESOL Convention | Antonine University

  • English Coordinator at UA Presents Innovative Teaching Method at TESOL Convention

    23 April 2024

    Ms. Tatiana Fadlallah, English Coordinator at the Antonine University (UA) Language Center (LC), recently made a significant impact at the prestigious TESOL Convention, an annual gathering organized by the TESOL International Association. The Convention brought together educators, researchers, administrators, and experts in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from around the world.

    Ms. Fadlallah’s exceptional contribution at the Convention was the result of her participation in a groundbreaking training program. In 2021, she submitted a training program proposal to the US Embassy in Beirut, which not only fully funded the program but also arranged for a specialist from the University of Southern California to deliver the training. Recognizing the importance of her program, titled “Multi-Mode Feedback in Large Writing Classes,” Ms. Fadlallah subsequently submitted a proposal to TESOL-Florida, which was accepted.

    With the support of the US Embassy in Beirut, Ms. Fadlallah traveled to Tampa, Florida, where the Convention took place. On March 22, she delivered her successful and interactive presentation at the Mariott Hotel. Educators from various corners of the globe, facing similar challenges in their classrooms, found inspiration and valuable insights from her innovative teaching approach.

    Moreover, Ms. Fadlallah’s participation as a speaker from the Levant and the GCC countries was recognized by the Regional English Language Office (RELO) in Amman. Her unique perspective and expertise brought diversity to the Convention and contributed to the global exchange of ideas.

    Ms. Fadlallah’s successful presentation at the TESOL Convention not only showcased her expertise but also highlighted the dedication of UA and the US Embassy in Beirut to promoting innovative teaching methods and fostering international collaboration in English language education. Through her pioneering work, Ms. Fadlallah has demonstrated the transformative power of effective English language instruction for learners worldwide.