Through His Sufferings, We Lived: A Concert by UA Choir | Antonine University

  • Through His Sufferings, We Lived: A Concert by UA Choir

    29 March 2024

    The Antonine University (UA) Choir, conducted by Maestro Fr. Toufic Maatouk, recently held a remarkable musical concert titled “Through His Sufferings, We Lived,” to commemorate the Holy Week. The concert, hosted by esteemed media professional Majed Bou Hadir, took place at UA’s Hadat–Baabda Main Campus, and notable figures in attendance included Deputy Ibrahim Kanaan and UA Rector Fr. Michel Saghbiny.

    During his speech, Fr. Saghbiny highlighted that the purpose of the evening was to reflect on the sufferings of Jesus Christ, encompassing the pain, torment, strikes, thirst, fatigue, sense of loneliness, and abandonment that He endured, even by His disciples and the Father. He further emphasized that the title of the event, “Through His Sufferings, We Lived,” encouraged contemplation of its inherent contradictions. Fr. Saghbiny added, “In response to the questions raised and stirred by the chants, we may find ourselves compelled to contemplate in silence and humility. However, in terms of faith, we affirm that without the Resurrection, this evening would not have been revived by the Choir; without the Resurrection, the Choir would not have sung about sorrows; without the Resurrection, the sorrows would not have revived us; without the Resurrection, we would not have gathered here today; and without the Resurrection, our faith would be in vain.”

    The event was a mesmerizing experience as the UA Choir delivered captivating chants that resonated deeply with the audience, immersing them in the emotions and significance of the Holy Week. Through their meticulous performance, the Choir added a profound spiritual dimension to the concert, allowing attendees to forge a powerful connection with the sufferings of Jesus Christ. Majed Bou Hadir further enriched the experience with his thought-provoking reflections, offering insightful contemplations that added layers of meaning and encouraged the audience to delve deeper into their understanding of the profound events surrounding the passion and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

    In parallel to the concert at the Hadat–Baabda Campus, another notable concert took place at UA’s Mejdlaya–Zgharta Campus, under the patronage of the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Paolo Borgia. The event was attended by the UA Rector, Fr. Michel Saghbiny; Maronite Archbishop of Tripoli, Youssef Soueif; Auxiliary Bishop of Joubbe, Sarba, and Jounieh, Joseph Naffaa; Archbishop Simon Atallah; Head of the Independence Movement, Deputy Michel Mouawad; Deputy Tony Frangieh; and Bishop Estephan Frangieh.