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  • UA’s Inspiring October Hikes

    17 October 2023

    October has been an incredible month of outdoor adventures at Antonine University (UA). We organized not just one, but three breathtaking hikes that brought together our amazing community. Let us take a moment to recap the unforgettable adventures we shared amidst Lebanon’s stunning landscapes.

    On October 7, 2023, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) led an awe-inspiring hike for our dedicated staff members to explore the wonders of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve and plant a cedar in UA’s name, immersing themselves in the vibrant colors of nature and breathing in the crisp mountain air.

    At the same time, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), in collaboration with the Human Environmental Association for Development (HEAD), the Arab Network for Environment and Development (RAED), the Green Party of Lebanon (GPL), and the Association for Forests, Development, and Conservation (AFDC), orchestrated a meaningful hike to Jaj Cedars Natural Reserve, aimed at reforesting and preserving the environment. UA students came together, armed with shovels, and embarked on a mission to make a positive impact. They planted trees, nurtured the land, and left a lasting mark of sustainability for generations to come.

    On October 14, 2023, the OSA at the Nabi Ayla–Zahle Campus took students on an exhilarating journey to Falougha. They conquered rocky terrains and explored the captivating beauty of shimmering lakes, surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil landscapes.

    These hikes were more than just physical activities; they were opportunities to connect, rejuvenate, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the organizers, participants, and all those who made these experiences possible.

    Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in the spring as we continue to explore, learn, and grow together as a community.