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Chamber Music Season

Previous Seasons

Previous Seasons Since the foundation of the Chamber Music Season, the Antonine University (UA) together with its Artistic Director Toufic Maatouk o.a.m have been keen on offering you outstanding performances.

You can find our previous seasons below:

Season I (2014)

Season II (2015)

Season III (2016)

Season IV (2017)

Season V (2018)


Season VI

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Integral Sonatas for piano
Beethoven’s 250th birth anniversary


October 15, 2019
Simon Zaoui
Op.2 n.1 in F minor (1795)
Op.2 n.3 in C major (1795)
Op.7 in E flat major "Grande Sonate" (1797)
Op.14 n.1 in E major (1799)
Op.14 n.2 in G major (1799)
Op.27 n.2 in C sharp minor "Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia" ("Moonlight")


November 21, 2019
Romain Descharmes
Op.10 n.1 in C minor
Op.10 n.3 in D major
Op.13 in C minor "Pathetic"
Op.22 in B flat major
Op.27 n.2 in C sharp minor "Moonlight"
Op.31 n.1 in G major
Op.31 n.2 in D minor "The Storm"


January 16, 2020
Romain Descharmes
Op.78 in F sharp minor "At Thérèse"
Op. 79 in G major
Op.90 in E minor
Op.109 in E major
Op. 111 in C minor


February 13, 2020
Théo Fouchenneret
Op.2 n.2 in A major
Op.10 n.2 in F major
Op. 26 in A flat major
Op.49 in G major
Op.53 in C major "Waldstein"


April 23, 2020
Simon Zaoui
Op.28 in D major "Pastoral"
Op.31 n.3 in E flat major "Hunting"
Op.49 n.1 in G minor
Op. 54 in F major
Op.81a in E flat major "Farewells"
Op.101 in A major


May 7, 2020
Théo Fouchenneret
Op.57 in F minor "Appassionnata"
Op.106 in B flat major "Hammerklavier"
Op. 110 in A flat major