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Exam Rules and Regulations

To ensure a distraction-free environment conducive to the smooth running of exams, Antonine University (UA) students are advised to thoroughly read and comply with the detailed rules and regulations listed below.

Any violation of the rules and regulations, whether committed intentionally or unintentionally, may be regarded as misconduct and will be sanctioned in accordance with the University's disciplinary procedures.

Rules and Protocol

  • Students must bring their UA ID card to all examinations, otherwise they will not be authorized to take the exams.
  • After checking their IDs, students are required to turn off their phone and store it in their bag or a closed pocket, before entering the examination rooms.
  • Electronic calculators, books, data storage, electronic communication devices, and audio devices are not allowed into the examination room, unless specifically authorized. Any infraction will be regarded as a disciplinary offense and will result in the confiscation of the unauthorized object by the supervisor or the proctor.
  • Students should sit at their allocated desks for the examination question paper or laboratory work.
  • Until the supervisor gives authorization, students shall not commence their exams. They must also stop writing when similarly instructed.
  • Students must arrive at the scheduled exam on time. They will no longer be allowed to enter the examination room if they arrive 30 minutes late. Additionally, students are not permitted to leave the examination room in the first 30 minutes of the test. No extra time will be granted to anyone.
  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the examination room, except for bottled water.
  • Students wishing to speak to a proctor must raise their hand and remain seated until the proctor arrives at their desk.
  • Students must write their full name and UA ID number on the answer sheet. Once they finish the exam, they must submit the answer sheet along with the question papers before leaving the room.
  • Students must bring their lab tools, two pens, two pencils, rulers, and any other required equipment for the exam. Additional material (dictionary, calculator, etc.) can only be used if prescribed. You should note that:
    - Only black or blue pens are permitted.
    - The pencil is only authorized for graphics.
    - Liquid correction, correction tape, and erasable pens are allowed.
    - In the event of an error during a written test and in the absence of a liquid corrector, it is sufficient to cross out what is incorrect, e.g., Inlay is an extracoronal dental restoration.
  • Students must ensure that they write legibly.
  • Students are not allowed to interact with each other during an examination session. Those who cause disturbance and distraction to other students shall receive a warning. Additionally, the proctor has the right to either change the students’ seating or dismiss them from the session. Failure to comply with these instructions will be treated as a disciplinary offense.
  • Students attending a practical exam must comply with the safety requirements of the laboratory in which the examination is held.
  • In the event of a violation of the rules, the exam proctor shall report the violation to the Director of the Office of the Registrar (OOR) and inform the students involved of the report made against them.
  • UA follows a zero-tolerance policy concerning cheating in examinations.


Exam Proctor Guidelines

The listing below provides guidelines, instructions, and duties to be followed by all exam proctors.

Reception of Students and Seating Arrangement

Exam proctors are asked to:

  • arrive at the designated room 15 minutes prior to the exam start time;
  • begin seating the students about 5 to 10 minutes before the exam start time;
  • make sure that all students are seated in their assigned place;
  • advise students that they are not allowed to leave the examination room in the first 30 minutes of the exam.


Permitted Materials

  • In accordance with the UA policy on student conduct during examinations, candidates must only use, or leave visible on their desks, materials authorized by the exam proctor or instructor.
  • Remind students of what they are allowed to keep (writing instruments, clear water bottles, etc.) or use (notes, books, and calculators) during the exam, provided they have received authorization. Non-essential materials must be kept out of reach.
  • In the event that students refuse to let the exam proctor verify the information contained in one of their documents, devices, or other, the latter must confiscate the material in question immediately.
  • Depending on the room layout, students are required to place their bags at the front or back of the room; they will only keep their student ID card and permitted materials.


At the Beginning of the Exam

  • Explain to students that the rules governing their conduct are outlined in the rules and regulations policy on student conduct during examinations.
  • Warn students that peeking at another's papers or exposing one’s own papers to others is a violation of exam regulations and may lead to disciplinary action, even if it was done inadvertently.
  • Remind students to turn off their mobile phones. If a phone rings during an exam, ask the owner to turn it off immediately. The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited during an exam.
  • Ensure that all students write their name and ID number correctly on the answer sheet in blue or black ink.


During the Exam

  • Never leave the examination room and materials unattended.
  • Control the distribution of question papers to ensure that no copies leave the room. If you distribute question papers before the students enter the room, you must collect all the papers left from unoccupied desks.
  • Control the movements of students entering and leaving the examination room.
  • No student should be allowed to leave the room within the first half hour.
  • No student should be allowed to enter after the first half hour.
  • No extra time will be granted to latecomers.
  • Exam proctors are required to be alert at all times and circulate frequently in the room and between rows. The duties of the exam proctor require, in fact, to make every effort to prevent cheating and collusion, particularly by carrying out an immediate inspection in the event of doubt or irregularity.


  • Students are not allowed to ask questions, and exam proctors are not allowed to answer them.
  • In the event of questionable behavior that suggests cheating (suspicious body position, unauthorized materials, etc.), address the student concerned discreetly. If necessary, assign potential accomplices seats where communication is unlikely.
  • If a student is caught cheating, you must follow the appropriate measures, namely confiscating the question paper and answer sheet along with any unauthorized material seen in the possession of the candidate. This action should be done quietly so as not to disturb other students. Note that when an answer sheet is confiscated, the supervisor must explain the reason in writing.


At the End of the Exam

  • Before letting students leave the examination room, ensure that they have returned their question paper and answer sheets, and signed the attendance sheet.
  • Control the collection of exam papers (question and answer sheets) to prevent students from leaving with a copy. If exam papers were counted before distribution, they should be recounted to ensure that none are missing.
  • When the given time is about to end, ask students to put down all writing materials.
  • Remind students to check for all personal items before leaving the room.