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Pastoral Care



Since the foundation of Antonine University (UA), it has acknowledged the importance of Pastoral Care at the heart of its mission, appointed a Chaplain responsible for its 3 campuses, and allocated a meeting point for the members to hold their meetings and gatherings.

Through Pastoral Care, the University aims to create an atmosphere of comfort, joy, and inner peace where students can connect with their spirituality, express their faith, reflect on topics that preoccupy their minds and souls, and connect with others and God.

Pastoral Care is a space where students are free to wonder about the meaning and purpose of life and seek answers to existential questions. Students may also share their thoughts in open discussions and testimonies to strengthen their bond. In addition, they will have the opportunity to live according to their religious values at UA, among its community, and within their society.

In conclusion, UA students will have the opportunity not only to develop their academic knowledge but also to broaden their spiritual and social horizons.