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Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care activities are not only limited to spiritual ones; they also extend to social ventures. On a spiritual level, the members plan and participate in several activities throughout the academic year. Along with organizing spiritual days, they collaborate with the Vice Rectorate for Integral Human Development (VRIHD) to organize the annual opening mass for Antonine University (UA) students, staff, and faculty.

In order to learn more about the region’s rich religious and cultural heritage, the Pastoral Care also organizes and plans pilgrimage journeys both in Lebanon and abroad. On a social level, we plan charitable events to provide moral or financial support to the less fortunate. Among other projects, they intend to visit orphanages and retirement homes.

The members of the Pastoral Care team meet once per week with the Chaplain to discuss several spiritual, religious, cultural, and social topics, as well as subjects from daily life struggles, and share their personal experiences and opinions.

Outside of UA, the Pastoral Care team participates in the activities organized by the Secretary General of Pastoral Care in Lebanon, which gives them the opportunity to create special bonds with other university students.

Spiritual Accompaniment

The Chaplain is available every day of the week to offer spiritual guidance to all UA students, providing them with a space to grow spiritually and strengthen their faith. He brings students together, accompanies them, clarifies their uncertainties, and organizes debates and praying sessions. Students are also free to select any other UA priest of their choosing to serve as their spiritual mentor and companion.