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Office of Athletics

Rules and Regulations

Antonine University (UA) strongly encourages its students to join one of its sports teams. But it also urges the candidates to respect the rules and regulations established by the Office of Athletics to ensure a high level of sportsmanship within the teams.


To be eligible to join one of UA’s sports teams, the candidate must:

  • be a registered UA student under the age of 24 (before the start date of the league);
  • show good academic standing and maintain a general average of 70/100 and higher.



  • All team members must provide full commitment to training sessions and games.
  • Wearing a suitable athletic outfit is mandatory at all times.
  • Facing vigorous competition is part of the game, but unsportsmanlike conduct, such as profanity or other types of inappropriate behavior, will be dealt with accordingly.
  • The Office of Athletics holds the right to suspend team members for excessive disciplinary sanctions taken against them. Student-athletes must behave as model citizens both inside and outside University; they should serve as examples for other students.
  • Players should inform their coaches about any absence before the training session or game for whatever reason: sickness, injury, travel, etc.
  • UA expects its students to treat all facilities with proper care, whether playing at home or away. The University has a zero-tolerance policy regarding sabotage, which may lead to the dismissal of the person concerned.
  • UA expects all individuals present at an event to display the highest level of sportsmanship. Players, coaches, and spectators should treat their opponents, game officials, and visiting spectators with the utmost respect.


Communication Policy

Athletic engagement is time-consuming and emotionally charged, which can lead to various conflicts. Any emerging conflict must be addressed immediately as per the following sequence in order to be resolved promptly.

Step 1: Student-Coach Contact

Students should address the problem with their coach as soon as possible. To guarantee a fruitful dialogue, they must avoid contacting their coach during the following times:

  • before or immediately after a competition;
  • during an active training session;
  • in the presence of other students.

Note: When there is not enough time to have a complete discussion, the suitable solution is to ask the coach, either over the phone or in person, for an appointment to discuss the issue.

Step 2: Student-Director Contact

If students are unable to reach an adequate solution to their problem with their coach, they must contact the Director of the Office of Athletics and make sure to inform their coach of this contact.