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The Antonine University Press (PUA) may decide to cooperate with bodies outside of the Antonine University (UA) for any publications, after gaining approval from the Rector. This cooperation may be editorial concerning the development of the content of publications or may be related to the production plans or technical implementation and actual distribution.

Such partnerships may entail the establishment, in particular, of conventions or protocols of co-publishing, co-production, subsidy, patronage, and distribution. The PUA prepares the ad hoc contracts and petitions for the Rector and the UA’s Administration to finalize, and if necessary, sign these agreements or contracts.

UA Editions is in active and effective cooperation with:

Dar Al-Farabi: this partnership publishes and distributes PUA’s Arabic books and works on a various range of topics, from literature to social sciences, by local or translated authors, in order to promote a modern culture meeting the needs of Arab countries in terms of development and progress.

Gibran National Committee (GNC): is a nonprofit organization that holds the exclusive rights to manage the Lebanese author Gibran Khalil Gibran’s copyright in and to his literary and artistic works. The GNC manages as well the Gibran Museum opened to the public, in his native town of Bsharri, where are exposed 440 original paintings and drawings of Gibran, his library, personal effects, and original handwritten manuscripts. PUA had edited and promoted two prestigious works of Gibran and left ineradicable traces of cooperation in his museum.

Geuthner: publishes books mainly related to the Near East, the Middle East, and the Far East. The field of disciplines covered is vast. A large part of the production is also devoted to the edition of texts from ancient tablets or inscriptions, from Arabic texts treatises on music, in particular, promotes the distribution of RTM and other musical works of UA editions.

L’Harmattan: a family and independent publishing house founded around universal values: human rights, the rights of peoples to self-determination, and with a constant vocation of being at the service of research for a transformation social. L’Harmattan shares UA’s knowledge and contributes to the development of French-speaking authors.

RILM: International Directory of Musical Literature documents and disseminates music research worldwide. RILM is known for its flagship publication, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature, a comprehensive international bibliography of writings on music covering publications from the early 19th century to the present. RILM produces the annually expanding full-text repository RILM Music Encyclopedias and the Index to Printed Music. RILM maintains its user platform, Egret, with advanced search and browsing capabilities on which it hosts the UA’s musical heritage.

Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Orientales (CERO): its preparatory work began in 1970 at the Saint Elie monastery in Antélias through a laboratory for a liturgical and pastoral renewal in the Maronite Church. Today, in addition to editing and publishing several journals (Notre Vie Liturgique - célébration et études, Alléluia et Notre Vie - Jeunes), CERO in collaboration with PUA promote the edition and distribution the masterpiece of Syriac Tradition.

Al-Manhal: is the leading Arabic electronic information provider, the world’s only provider of full-text searchable databases of scholarly and scientific publications from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Al-Manhal combines deep publishing and library expertise with best-in-class technology to enable PUA’s readers to efficiently discover and access thousands of eBooks, eJournals, eTheses, intelligence reports, and conference proceedings from the several leading publishers and research institutes.

Konooz: is the first online platform specialized in Christian electronic publishing. Konooz consists of a system for the production, distribution, and sale of integrated e-books, enabling publishers to convert their books into an electronic format that can be distributed digitally and sold across multiple channels to reach the highest number of readers around the world. Since 2015, PUA is working with Konooz to bring its spiritual heritage content to an even wider audience.

Maison des Cultures du Monde: contributes and calls for projects in partnership with PUA to the enrichment of knowledge of the various forms of intangible cultural heritage and their origins, through scientific work, publications, and symposium.

Antoine Library: is an e-commerce platform, one of the main regional actors in the world of books. With books specialized in literature, history, art, news, culture, and countless other genres, the online bookstore serves as a reference point for students, teachers, and readers alike. The PUA has enjoyed a successful and productive partnership with Antoine Online, providing international shipping of book ordering both regionally and worldwide.

Dar Al-Nahar: A prestigious publishing house located in Beirut specialized in memoirs, history, politics, economics, poetry, and novels, in Arabic, English, and French. Since 2011, this partnership promotes the distribution of UA’s musical masterpiece in Lebanon and abroad.

Forward Music: established in 2001 as a music label that pools together the cooperative efforts of young artists from the Middle East. It aims to encourage new and creative trends in the musical arts, blending the various cultural currents that meet and interact in new fusions and fresh perspectives. Forward Music is committed to making an authentic contribution to our ever-changing culture and to growing global dialogue of World Music. Since 2015, the PUA collaborates with Forward Music to create a web page that will be dedicated exclusively to its Music releases and make them available on several musical platforms.