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Message from the Dean

Information and communications technology is currently at the heart of all innovations, and its evolution drives entire sectors of our future, which does not fail to raise resistance to its expansion. However, generally, even its most radical detractors provide a valuable service by protecting it from its excesses.

Yet both innovative and critical mastery of technology are what distinguishes the engineer from a robot, the lucid person from an artificial intelligence program. It is within this perspective that we conceive the mission of our Faculty of Engineering (FOE) and its up-to-date programs covering the fields of telecommunications, software engineering, systems, multimedia, networks, and computer science.

Present on all Antonine University (UA) campuses, the FOE offers its students a dynamic learning environment, personalized support, and an innovative curriculum designed to prepare, coach, and train highly qualified engineers, entrepreneurs, and socially engaged students.

The FOE is also active in the production of knowledge. Indeed, its TICKET research lab aims to introduce future engineers to applied research and technology transfer while putting them in contact with global leaders in the industry. Added to the various international partnerships that govern students and faculty mobility programs, this opening accomplishes the training of a student, citizen of the world.

Dr. Chady Abou Jaoude