History | Antonine University



The foundation of the Faculty of Theological Sciences and Pastoral Studies (FTSPS) at the Antonine University (UA) dates back to 1996, when the University was established.
The FTSPS aims to offer a theological culture in accordance with academic standards of quality, to all those working in schools, universities, parishes, religious and episcopal associations, and society in general. It strives to consolidate and perfect this culture by drawing on the results of theological, exegetical and philosophical research, while associating it with a deep and critical understanding of contemporary issues.
Clearly, the Faculty adopts modern learning methods and meets international standards for higher education. This is evident by the obtaining of the Antonine University an institutional certification from the Swiss Agency for Accreditation and Quality Assurance (AAQ) in 2017.
The Faculty is located at the UA Hadat–Baabda main campus, with a second branch, hosted at the Saint Antoine’s Seminary - Karm-Saddeh (North Lebanon).