Internationalization Policy | Antonine University


Internationalization Policy

The Antonine University (UA) Internationalization Policy targets the following objectives:

  • Integrate the international dimension in the planning and execution of teaching, research, and service activities.
  • Strive to incorporate international skills into the curricula and prepare the ground for the progressive internationalization of some of its curricula.
  • Promote balanced partnerships at the level of the 5 continents while paying particular attention to the preservation of the Francophonie and strategic relations with Europe and the Arab world.
  • Establish, on all of its campuses, a culture that can promote and support intercultural actions.
  • Ensure sustainable and high-quality management of internationalization in terms of adequate organizational structure, human resources, and international expertise development.
  • Provide its students, faculty, and staff with mobility opportunities and support them in the development of internationalization skills at home and abroad.
  • Increase its international attractiveness and ensure, as far as possible, the conditions for the reception and integration of international students and faculty in incoming mobility.