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Antonine University (UA) recognizes the impact of globalization, facilitated by modern means of communication, the multiplicity of partnerships, and the rapid development of skills. As a result, UA is committed to integrating internationalization into all aspects of its activities. Embracing diversity as one of its fundamental values, UA strives to unleash the potential of its community, particularly its students, to think and act in a changing world. This includes fostering collaboration and competence in international and intercultural contexts, encouraging innovative teaching methods and promoting research that addresses global issues.


Respect of Diversity

UA is an inclusive and open university. Our internationalization efforts are guided by a deep respect for cultural diversity and the promotion of intercultural communication. We aim to integrate the international and intercultural dimensions throughout the student experience, nurturing proactive citizens who embrace diversity. We are committed to fostering a climate that resists all forms of discrimination or exclusion based on factors such as origin, gender, age, religion, disability, or any other characteristic. We expect the same commitment from all our international partners.

Internationalization at Home

In addition to providing mobility opportunities for students, UA is dedicated to creating an environment that cultivates international competencies on campus, thus preventing brain drain. In teaching, for instance, we ensure the use of comparative international literature and the organization of courses delivered by guest speakers representing local cultural groups. We also offer case studies and practical projects with an international focus. Furthermore, we leverage technology-based solutions to ensure that all students have equal access to internationalization opportunities.


Internationalization at UA relies on the collective commitment of the entire University community. It operates within a framework of extended collegiality, allowing UA members to actively participate in the processes of reflection and decision-making. While the Internationalization Strategic Committee sets the guidelines for UA’s internationalization, the Office of International Relations (OIR), led by the Vice Rector for Cooperation and Internationalization (VRCI), is responsible for implementing the internationalization policy.