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Study Abroad

Antonine University (UA) aims to provide its students and faculty members with opportunities for mobility and support them in developing internationalization skills both at home and abroad. The Office of International Relations (OIR) is committed to accompanying UA students on their international journey, with the purpose of helping each individual make the most out of this fascinating experience abroad at all levels.

Bilateral Agreement

UA students can undertake a study abroad program for one or two semesters abroad at a partner university that has a bilateral agreement with UA.

For this purpose, students must follow the following procedure:

  • choose the host university that interests them the most from those that have a partnership with UA (see the list of partner universities);
  • check the course availability on the websites of the host university and UA;
  • download the form for requesting international mobility;
  • fill out the form and have it signed by the dean of the faculty or the director of their unit at UA, and then send it to the OIR.


Registration Deadlines

The deadline set for applying to exchange programs is November 15 for the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Tuition and Subsistence Costs

Exchange students shall pay their tuition fees only at UA and their registration fees at the host university. However, they shall bear other expenses such as accommodation, internal transportation, personal expenses, etc.