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Office of Orientation and Admissions



It is with great delight that the Office of Orientation and Admissions (OOA) team helps future scholars realize their career and academic choices. We are committed to welcoming students and their parents in a friendly atmosphere and ensuring a smooth transition between two essential academic cycles: the school and the university. This is particularly possible thanks to the strong relationships that the OOA has forged over time with colleague academic institutions, but also through the personalized support that we offer to candidates throughout the admissions procedure.

We aim to reach and attract students who wish to benefit from a top-notch education, an international experience, and a well-tailored curriculum while considering the financial burdens. We also constantly seek to highlight the added value brought to prospective students through their UA experience, thus allowing them to actively contribute to creating a bond of trust with their institution over time.


We are committed to defending strong values such as:

  • transparency and tolerance while working with individuals of all genders, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds;
  • excellence in implementing high standards and procedures according to University protocol to best serve our potential students and their parents;
  • accountability, accuracy, and confidentiality in information and data transmission throughout all academic counseling and admission process.

Message From the Director

If I have one message for our scholars, especially those who are detaching from schools and are looking for a higher educational experience, it is to be selective and seek out the best from your country.

Ask, dig deeper, interpret, and decide. Let your mind guide you through your choices while listening to your heart and instincts. Making decisions is not always easy, but it exists in our daily tasks and later in our diaries. I advise you to make the best of your options that are sometimes mixed with several burdens along the way. Be persistent and creative and, above all, trust your vision. Through determination you can reach your goals and we are here to help you take the first milestone in pursuing your higher education. Choose a career that suits you best and place commitments from the first day you step into university life, because it is here that you will forge a promising future. Be distinguished in spotting opportunities and have the guts to seize whatever opportunities you think will pave the way for you in the job market. Be real, be visionaries, and do not compromise on the quality of your education, as it is a lifetime investment. Put your passions at the forefront while choosing your career, and you will reap the fruits of your decisions.

As the world shifts away from human engagement toward technology and automation, we continue to feel that this innovation presents an opportunity to strengthen our human relationships by allowing us to better connect with our youth and guide them in their university choices.

On behalf of the OOA team, we are all eager to meet you and offer you our best services.

Ryan Abboudy