Financial Aid and Scholarships | Antonine University

Office of Social Affairs

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students at Antonine University (UA) can receive financial assistance that may take different forms as indicated below.

Staggered Payment of Tuition Fees Over the Academic Year

Such adjustments will help ease the students’ financial burden and allow them to keep meeting their financial obligations.

Reduction of Tuition Fees

The percentage is determined based on the socioeconomic status of the student, which is set after the assessment carried out by the social workers.

Sibling Grants

Following the application submitted to the Office of Orientation and Admissions, eligible applicants who have one or more siblings simultaneously enrolled at UA as full-time students will be granted a discount as follows:

  • for 2 siblings, a 20% discount to the second student;
  • for 3 siblings, a 30% discount to the third student;
  • for 4 or more siblings, a 50% discount to the fourth student.



Cumulative Average of UA Grades

Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students to recognize their academic excellence, provided they satisfy the requirements set by the University. Such scholarships are granted based on the cumulative average of grades earned by a current UA student during a given semester.

For the Antonine School of Business and Faculties of Public Health and Information and Communication:

  • general average 85–86.99/100  10% discount;
  • general average 87–89.99/100  25% discount;
  • general average 90–91.99/100  50% discount;
  • general average 92–92.99/100  75% discount;
  • general average 93/100 and higher  100% discount.

For the Faculties of Engineering, Sport sciences, and Music and Musicology:

  • cumulative GPA 3.3–3.499  10% discount;
  • cumulative GPA 3.5–3.699  25% discount;
  • cumulative GPA 3.7–3.899  50% discount;
  • cumulative GPA 3.9–3.999  75% discount;
  • cumulative GPA 4  100% discount.

The above-mentioned scholarships are awarded in the following semester.

Cumulative Average of the Lebanese and French Baccalaureates’ Official Exams

Students who enroll at UA directly after graduating from high school may benefit from a discount based on their results in the Lebanese and French baccalaureates’ official exams. These scholarships cover either totally or partially the cost of their first-semester tuition fees as specified below:

  • general average 14–15.99/20  25% discount for the fall semester;
  • general average 16–17.5/20  50% discount for the fall semester;
  • general average 17.6–18.5/20  75% discount for the fall semester;
  • general average 18.6/20 and higher  100% discount for the fall semester.


Sports Grants

Based on an agreement set with the Office of Athletics, the eligibility criteria to receive the sports grants include:

  • holding a Lebanese record;
  • being a first or second-division player and a member of any UA team sport;
  • being engaged in individual sports;
  • being a current Lebanese champion;
  • holding an international title.

All official documents should be submitted to the Office of Athletics.