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UA Choir


Founded in 1978 - Season XLI (41st) the Antonine University (UA) Choir is one of the leading choirs in Lebanon, and it has contributed since the eighties in the cultural enrichment of the Lebanese musical life with its repertory.

The UA Choir performed in various destinations such as Rome, Milan, Nice, Lyon, Monaco, St. Étienne, Doha, Dubai, Al Aïn in United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Tbilisi, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Muscat, Naples, Venice, and Helsinki.

The choir has also participated in highly respected festivals both locally and internationally, to name few, it has participated in:

  • Al Bustan International Festival – Lebanon 2009 to 2020;
  • Byblos International Festival – Lebanon 2010-2011-2013-2014;
  • Baalbeck International Festival – Lebanon 2011-2018-2019;
  • Beirut Chants Festival-Lebanon – Lebanon 2008 to 2019;
  • Ehdeniyat – Lebanon 2016;
  • the Classical Music Festival of Al Ain – United Arab Emirates 2008-2009;
  • Tbilisi Opera Festival – Georgia 2012;
  • Festival d'Ile de France – France 2012-2013; and
  • Bahrain International Music Festival – Bahrain 2013.

In May 2010, April 2013, and May 2015 the choir performed at the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York the most prestigious concert stage in the United States. UA Choir made its Los Angeles debut in April 2014, performing at the LA City Hall. In November 2016, the choir made its first appearance at the San Carlo Opera House.

With great honor, the choir has represented Lebanon in the opening of the Lebanese Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale in May 2017. Lately, the choir performed at the Manhaus Opera House in Brazil for the Coimbra Brazilian University Congress.

Artistic Directors

The artistic director's role is to oversee all aspects of the artistic production of the choir. His position entails him to assess and select the performances, select the performers, and set production schedules. UA is proud that it worked with various artistic directors, where all have contributed to the enriching and improvement of the choir.

  • Joseph Waked o.a.m (1978-1997)
  • Fady Taouk o.a.m (1997- 2003)
  • Youssef Chedid o.a.m (2003-2005)
  • Toufic Maatouk o.a.m (2005- present)

Message from the Director

There is an increasing research interest in the field of choral singing, because of the great benefits that come with it, which was reported in the literature. Those scientifically proven benefits from participating in a choir include physiological, cognitive and social benefits, as well as the addition of meaning and structure to daily life.

Based on that, the Antonine University keeps on supporting music and encouraging performances. We at the Antonine University choir believe in the power of music and the power to change.

The choir was founded in 1978, the same year I was born, which gave me an extra motivation to lead it to new horizons. The choir had different conductors, different styles and directions, and a great dedication to a brighter future.

The choir is now well into its fourth decade! I have been blessed to work with diverse Rectors and choir members that empowered me to program and conduct many highly appreciated and recognized choral work. Such aspect makes the UA Choir a special place.

We are a choir that treats music with respect. Whatever a work requires in terms of instrumental or soloist scoring, we do it right, because that is the only way to. That is what the UA Choir is all about; believe, dedication, and above all joy!

If you are a potential singer, come to audition and sing with us! You will be interested!

If you are a potential attendee of a concert, come listen to us! You will not be disappointed!

If you are a potential donor, come support us! You will be appreciated!

Toufic Maatouk o.a.m,