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Advanced Diploma in Dental Laboratory Technology


  • 25Credits
  • 1Duration of the program
  • $130Price
Official Name of the Program Advanced Diploma in Dental Laboratory Technology
Official Degree Level Graduate (one year after the Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Laboratory Technology)
Price/Credit $130
Campuses Availability Hadat–Baabda

Program Objectives
  • Provide an advanced level of education in cosmetic dentistry, in areas such as Advanced Dental Ceramics, Advanced Resin restorations, Smile design, Implants, Dental Materials, Morphology, Digital Photography, CAD-CAM System, and other skills related to the Career Development Tools and Techniques.
  • Provide the dental laboratory technologist advanced knowledge on more advanced topics related directly to the practice in the dental laboratory.
  • Participate in extensive training in advanced dental technology offered by the best specialist in the market to gain a mutual understanding and improve communication between dental laboratory technologist and dentists.
  • Increase opportunities for employment and promotion within the dental laboratory industry.

The program is open to any applicant who shows high promise of achievement. Evaluation is based on their Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Laboratory Technology. Admission to the program shall be subject to the approval of the Director of the Department of Dental Laboratory Technology (DDLT).

The candidates must undergo a placement test and an interview, having a bachelor’s degree in Dental Laboratory from foreign universities other than the Antonine University (UA) and seeking admission under PGDLT.

Teaching Methods

The teaching methods vary according to the type of classes. And we use the following techniques:

  • Lectures.
  • Seminars.
  • Laboratory workshops.
  • Extensive training.
  • Discussion.
  • Demonstration.
  • Analyzing methods and techniques.
  • Real case studies and group discussions.
  • Problem-based learning.
  • Project.
Evaluation Process

Candidates who are following the advanced program will be examined on their laboratory work at the end of each module, and on one written term paper together with an oral examination at the end of all courses. The term paper must be submitted by the end of the year. The purpose of the oral examination is to provide the dental technologist the opportunity to demonstrate her/his knowledge, familiarity, and understanding of the chosen subject. The passing grade for each module is 70/100. Each course with a grade below the required average will be considered not valid or not earned.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

At the completion of the program, the student should be able to:

  • Acquire advanced knowledge and skills in the practice of dental laboratory technology.
  • Have a thorough understanding of advanced techniques used in dental technology, their principles and their practices.
  • Develop analytical skills in different situations related to the profession.
  • Make a critical judgment aiming the continuous improvement of the quality of prosthetic restorations.
Job Prospects

New skills can play a large role in career development, and it helps moving forward. Learning new skills will have a positive impact on dental laboratory technologist. Therefore, the program will improve the career prospects of the graduates, and will help them achieve success in their professional life.

Program Structure

Major Requirements

Code Course Credits
ADPM 101-EW00 Layering Technique over Metal
Layering Technique over Metal
ADPM 101-EW00
1 Credits
This course is designed to introduce you to a range of ideas and techniques to help improve your ceramic skills, to analyze the components of natural teeth color, and to create layering schemes and techniques to present more natural restorations. The student will learn How to approach ceramic work using the analysis of natural teeth. The hands-on will focus on refining the layering technique to faithfully reproduce the natural tooth structure. These numerous innovations will give the student more scope in which to use their creativity.
ADPP 201-EW00 Press Ceramic, Veneers, Crowns
Press Ceramic, Veneers, Crowns
ADPP 201-EW00
2 Credits
The demand for all ceramic has risen greatly. This course includes porcelain applications on pressable ceramics. The purpose of this course is to give the student the skills necessary to successfully place ceramic crowns and veneers and introduce them to more advanced procedures. The course provides lectures and hands-on training on how to match veneers to adjacent crowns, how to deal with demanding patients, how to treat teeth with different shades, and how to control the opacity and the color, in general, to achieve esthetic and function result. The course concludes with techniques used for achieving natural-looking surface texture via glazing staining and polishing.
ADPM 202-EW00 Monolithic Veneer
Monolithic Veneer
ADPM 202-EW00
1 Credits
This course is designed to help students produce anterior restorations that are functionally correct and esthetically satisfying, which is one of the most challenges in CAD/CAM practice today. The course includes lectures and workshops.
ICGG 101-EW00 Indirect Composite
Indirect Composite
ICGG 101-EW00
1 Credits
A variety of techniques is available to achieve the natural anatomic form of the posterior region teeth. One of the recent development techniques is the method of indirect composite restorations construction of the teeth. The student will have a comprehensive knowledge of composites restorations. The student will be able to prepare indirect composite restorations Inlay-Onlay with ideal contour relationship and occlusion. He will learn how to design and build-up the gingiva using composite to provide shades as seen in the natural gingiva. The reproduction of the gingiva can be for implants, crowns and bridges, partial dentures, and characterization of full dentures.
DLTB 101-EW00 Smart Ways to Optimize Your Business
Smart Ways to Optimize Your Business
DLTB 101-EW00
1 Credits
This course will help students manage their careers more effectively. Students will enjoy exploring these skills. They will provide them with personal academic and career planning process starting by understanding how to set career direction, play to their strengths, and shape their work-life for maximum success. The focus will be on providing you with tools and strategies for reflection, planning, and goal setting.
DPHD 101-EW00 Digital Photography in dentistry
Digital Photography in dentistry
DPHD 101-EW00
1 Credits
This course is designed to give the students the necessary skills and techniques needed to incorporate intra oral photography into work practice. This course will show the student how to take and manage high-quality digital, how to use photography to get better aesthetic results, how to manually control the camera in natural light situations. The course will include the most current techniques in dental photography and lighting that will make your pictures stand out and your dentistry look extraordinary.
TDFA 101-EW00 Traditional and Digital Fixed Attachments
Traditional and Digital Fixed Attachments
TDFA 101-EW00
2 Credits
This advanced course will help students discover the real revolution offered by the “Ot Equator” system from Rhein 83, the traditional and the digital. Students will learn how to adapt it in different situations, how to save materials, tools and working time which is an essential point for both dentists and dental Laboratory technologists. The course will include lectures and workshops.
TDRA 201-EW00 Traditional and Digital Removable Attachments
Traditional and Digital Removable Attachments
TDRA 201-EW00
2 Credits
This advanced course is designed to give a depth understanding of the general concepts and techniques for the use of attachments removable prosthesis in two ways: traditional and digital. The student will be able to choose the proper attachment for each particular case design, and during the workshop, he will be able to do all the procedures necessary for fabricating a non-resilient partial denture
ARPD 101-EW00 Removable Flexible Partial Denture
Removable Flexible Partial Denture
ARPD 101-EW00
1 Credits
This advanced course will provide the student knowledge on how to design a removable flexible partial denture when the aesthetic is of utmost concern. During the workshop, he will be able to produce all the steps required to fabricate such restorations, and he will learn some tips to avoid common errors and to have a better result. The lecture will include although other contemporary materials and techniques.
ATMF 101-EW00 Practical Approach to Tooth Morphology and Function
Practical Approach to Tooth Morphology and Function
ATMF 101-EW00
1 Credits
This course is designed to deeply understand the principles of dental anatomy and tooth morphology. The course is comprised of lectures and workshop to be familiar with surface texture, different contours and shape of teeth, tooth alignment, margin, location of the contact areas, embrasures, correct placement of buccal and lingual cusps, line angle ridges, and developmental grooves. Laboratory exercise will include dental waxing and occlusion activities.
DIRC 101-EW00 Dental Implants Screw Retained and Cemented
Dental Implants Screw Retained and Cemented
DIRC 101-EW00
2 Credits
This advanced course is designed to identify the problems and limitations associated with conventional dentistry and to be able to design implant dentistry. Each student will be able to provide cemented and screw-retained crowns, over-dentures, and hybrid-dentures. The course objectives: to introduce scientific fundamentals of implant prosthodontics, to study different types of implant prosthesis and their proper usage, and to learn how to design and modify prosthesis based on each situation.
DIWB 102-EW00 Dental Implants Water Bridge – Hybrid
Dental Implants Water Bridge – Hybrid
DIWB 102-EW00
2 Credits
This advanced course will have an in-depth explanation of the hybrid treatment concept when utilizing four dental implants and attaching them to a denture in a minimally invasive way. During the workshop, the student will fabricate a denture over implants using the locator technique.
DLTD 102-EW00 CAD CAM Veneers
CAD CAM Veneers
DLTD 102-EW00
1 Credits
This advanced course provides the student the knowledge on how to prepare veneers using the CAD/CAM software. Lectures will include dental ceramics, tooth preparations, digital impressions, CAD/CAM design and milling, staining and glazing, in addition to the requirements needed for a successful restoration. During the workshop, students will perform all the tasks required to fabricate the CAD/CAM veneers.
DLTD 103-EW00 Monolithic Crown and Bridge
Monolithic Crown and Bridge
DLTD 103-EW00
1 Credits
This advanced course is designed to have a depth understanding of the external staining technique of zirconia monolithic crown and bridge. Students during the workshop will produce full monolithic esthetic restorations. Students will learn that translucencies and characterization that can be seen in anterior natural teeth cannot be achieved with just an external stain technique. A layering technique must be done for a more natural appearance.
DLTD 104-EW00 Powder Sintered Metal
Powder Sintered Metal
DLTD 104-EW00
1 Credits
This course will provide students an understanding of the evolution of the powder metal industry, the basis of raw materials of metal powder and their structural properties, and the sintering component of powder metal manufacturing. The student will get an overview of secondary operations, including repressing, heat-treating, and other surface treatments. The laboratory work will be held in the Training Center of Amann Girrbach within DDLT premises.
DLTD 201-EW00 Digital Dental Laboratory Solutions
Digital Dental Laboratory Solutions
DLTD 201-EW00
1 Credits
This course is designed to show the student how CAD/CAM can reduce cost, and simplify workflow. The student will learn how digital lab solutions can be compatible with a wide range of other software, printers, scanners, and mills.
DLTD 301-EW00 Digital Smile Design – DSD
Digital Smile Design – DSD
DLTD 301-EW00
1 Credits
This course will introduce the student to the DSD (Digital Smile Design) concept through lecture and live demonstration of the DSD protocol and the complete digital workflow. Smile Design exercises will help integrate beauty into Orofacial Therapy.
ATDT 101-EL00 Advanced Topics in Dental Materials,
Advanced Topics in Dental Materials,
ATDT 101-EL00
3 Credits
These lectures are offered by postgraduate prosthodontics and by professionals in the field from Lebanon and abroad. They will improve communication and better understanding between dentists and dental technologists. Topics will include general pathology, latest materials, techniques and proper function of occlusion and muscle position for esthetics, longevity, and comfort. Also includes Dental Materials, Dental Implants, CAD/CAM, Esthetics in Dentistry, and other subjects related to the practical work.