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Language Center



The Language Center (LC) is committed to providing foreign language education (FLE) in this increasingly interconnected world and improving cross-cultural communication. It helps the learners acquire proficiency in more than one language and further explore their fields of interest. It also equips teachers and trainers with the necessary skills conducive to their professional development.


Our distinctive approach to language learning and teaching comprises various training courses and other programs designed to meet students’ needs and support international mobility.


Teaching innovation, Diversity, Ethics, and Excellency.

Our teaching draws on the latest methodological innovations as part of a communicative and action-oriented approach. Each class is structured around three key areas:

  • intensive learning through a variety of activities;
  • techniques to promote the acquisition of communication skills;
  • rewarding intercultural exchanges.


Message from the Director

The Language Center (LC) at Antonine University is a constantly evolving space that supports future-oriented teaching and learning initiatives. The profile of the language student to which we aspire is one that is characterized by strong communication skills and capable of building relationships with people from different cultures. Speaking a language is never an end in itself, it is rather an opportunity to immerse oneself in a new vision of the world, a vision drawn from discoveries and experiences that enrich the mind. It makes our students citizens of the world, without losing their own identity.

Our local context reinforces our mission, given that the Lebanese public is, by nature, open to learning languages, which pushes us to pursue further studies and/or look for jobs abroad. Here, we provide students with the opportunity to master French, English, Italian and Chinese, and more languages are to be added to our growing family.

The LC at UA ensures that its teaching materials and programs offer ongoing and multidimensional education for its members, and supports its students on the three campuses. All the resources and educational innovations are incorporated into the classrooms and updated throughout the year by the Center’s highly qualified, passionate, and energetic staff.

“Teamwork creates winners” is our motto, and we truly believe in it.

Huguette Abs Abou Mrad, PhD