Collections | Antonine University



Our collections include more than 50,000 titles from several subjects covering all faculties’ specializations. As well as more than 360 titles of periodicals with a set of multidisciplinary collections in diverse languages: Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Syriac and modern Syriac, Aramean, German, etc.

Among these collections, we cite:
  • Analecta Bollandiana;
  • Analecta Biblica;
  • Dalloz;
  • Lectio Divina;
  • Cogitatio Fidei;
  • Al-Mashreq; and
  • Al-Hares.

In 2003, the Central Library received Mar Chaaya O.A.M library’s collections that contains more than 8,000 books. This set is considered a rare collection therefore, it is very valuable. Thankfully, it is constantly growing adding on its value and benefits.