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UA’s Library, a welcoming and comfortable space that is conducive to creativity, enables the students to take advantage of a wide range of services, including conduct of researches, on-site consultation of periodicals, reference books, etc., access to digital resources and lending of books. To better understand these services, we invite you to read the information set out below:
Access conditions
Any person that falls under the following categories and holding a University card can visit the Library and thus become a member: students, faculty, staff, alumni, researchers, and visitors (the latter need to get a prior authorization).
Access will be granted to the list below:
  • Library catalog accessible via the following link;
  • Shelves and search engines;
  • Books published prior to 1970;
  • Periodicals (journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.), cards, sound documents, Master’s and PHD theses, all of which are non-borrowable, as well as any document marked « Not for loan »;
  • Books published in the 1970s or later and which can be borrowed as per the below modalities and conditions:


Category Number of Books Allowed Loan Period Renewal
Undergraduate Students 2 2 weeks Twice
Graduate Students 5 4 weeks Twice
Faculty Members 8 6 weeks Twice
Staff Members 2 3 weeks Twice
Alumni 2 2 weeks Twice


Books that are overdue, lost, damaged (i.e., torn pages, detached covers, stains, scribbles, highlights, etc.), as well as major equipment deterioration, will result in fines being inflicted to the borrowers.

Suggestions and reservations

The Central Library at Hadat-Baada has a large of collection of items, with its shelves overflowing with approximately 50,000 books pertaining to the disciplines taught at UA, in addition to more than 360 periodicals, some of which are multidisciplinary and multilingual, such as Analecta Bollandiana, Analecta Biblica, Dalloz, Lectio Divina, Cogitatio Fidei, Al-Machreq, Al-Hares, and many more.

Through the open-source software Koha that is accessible on the following link, members have the right to reserve and/or make recommendations as to which books need to be acquired.

Note: Library visits are currently suspended. Cataloging, borrowing and research services will be maintained and remotely monitored through Koha.