Rules and Regulations | Antonine University


Rules and Regulations

Users are required to:

  • Bring their UA ID cards and scan them for entry into and exit from the Library.
  • Put their phones on silent mode as well as other electronic devices that may disturb the quietness of the room.
  • Store their personal belongings in the lockers and make sure not to lose the keys, as the latter need to be returned before leaving.
  • Maintain silence at all times and do not make annoying noises which can cause harm to other users.
  • Follow hygiene and safety rules.
  • Show respect for Library staff.
  • Comply with the aforementioned standards when borrowing books.
  • Allow the librarians to arrange and classify the books.
  • Take care of the documents that are consulted on the Library’s premises and/or borrowed.

Note: Readers wishing to be granted access to the same items for two days in a row should notify us.

It is strictly forbidden to:

  • Eat, drink or smoke in the Library.
  • Photocopy and/or photograph textbooks, articles, Master’s and PHD theses without authorization from the competent authority. Indeed, the reproduction of the Library’s documents is governed by legislation in force on copyright and the use of this material.
  • Enter the staff offices without permission.
  • Disseminate or put up any poster in the Library.
  • Soil or damage the Library’s items and space.

Moreover, oral warning will be followed by a written one in case of repeated infringements.