Editorial Style Guide | Antonine University

Office of Communications

Editorial Style Guide

1. Identifying the University

  • Official Name: Antonine University
  • Official Acronym: UA
  • Use the official name and acronym together on the first reference and the official acronym or “University” alone on subsequent references.
  • Do not use the definite article “the” before the official name or acronym, except when it is followed by a singular noun.
  • It is also acceptable to use the possessive form (’s) when the official name or acronym is followed by a singular noun.
    - The Counseling Service at Antonine University (UA) organizes many events and webinars throughout the academic year, some of which are addressed specifically to UA students and others to the UA community and the general public.
    - UA’s Faculty of Engineering is hosting a scientific seminar on artificial intelligence and neurotechnology.
  • Capitalize “university” when referring specifically to Antonine University and write it in lowercase when referring to universities in general.
    - The University is closed for the holidays.
    - He is pursuing his university studies.


2. Schools, Faculties, Departments, and Offices

  • When listed, the Schools and Faculties of the University must follow the below alphabetical order:
    Antonine School of Business
    Faculty of Engineering
    - Department of Computer and Communications Engineering
    - Department of Technology in Computer Science
    Faculty of Information and Communication
    Faculty of Music and Musicology
    Faculty of Public Health
    - Department of Dental Laboratory Technology
    - Department of Nursing Sciences
    - Department of Physical Therapy
    Faculty of Sport Sciences
    Faculty of Theology
  • On the first reference, the names of the schools, faculties, and departments must be linked to the University. On subsequent references, use “School,” “Faculty,” or “Department” alone with the first letter in uppercase. This rule can be relaxed in school, faculty, or department-specific internal publications in which the connection to Antonine University is clearly established.
    - Antonine University’s Faculty of Information and Communication has created a new academic department that will start operating next year. The Faculty is pleased to introduce its new Dean, who will be taking over on September 1, 2019.
  • As for the “Antonine School of Business,” use it as is without linking it to the University.
    - A new academic department has been established at the Antonine School of Business.
  • Capitalize course titles, majors, minors, and concentrations.
    - Students majoring in Graphic Design must enroll in the Animation II course during their second year.
  • Capitalize the official names of offices, departments, faculties, services, and other units.
    - The Office of Social Affairs has been very helpful.
    - The Counseling Service is organizing monthly webinars about mental health.
    - In a series of UA units, list them in alphabetical order.
    - The Offices of Communications, Human Resources, and Institutional Research fall under the responsibility of the Vice Rector for Administration.
  • Capitalize the words “office,” “department,” and “service” when they refer to Antonine University and lowercase them when they appear alone in a general sense.
    - The Office of Information Technology is located in Building B. It is a big office that includes the tech and application support teams.
    - UA students are welcome to visit our offices with any questions.

3. Campuses

  • Antonine University operates on three campuses. Their official names are:
    Hadat–Baabda Campus
    Nabi Ayla–Zahle Campus
    Mejdlaya–Zgharta Campus
  • Use the official campus name on the first reference and, if necessary, link it to Antonine University. For instance, in external publications, refer to “The Antonine University (UA) Hadat–Baabda Campus” on the first reference.
  • On subsequent references, and when it is clear which campus is being referred to, simply use “the Campus.”
  • It is acceptable to refer to the Hadat–Baabda Campus as Antonine University’s Main Campus.
  • Hyphenate when used as an adjective.
    - The workshop was an on-campus event.
    - The training session will be held on campus.


4. Addresses of Campuses

  • Antonine University, Hadat–Baabda Campus
    P.O. Box: 40016 Hadat–Baabda, Lebanon
    Telephone: +961 5 927000

  • Antonine University, Nabi Ayla–Zahle Campus
    P.O. Box: 73 Nabi Ayla–Zahle, Lebanon
    Telephone: +961 8 902020 - 30 - 40

  • Antonine University, Mejdlaya–Zgharta Campus
    Telephone: +961 6 669101 - 02

5. Buildings

  • Refer to Antonine University’s buildings on all 3 campuses as “Building A, Building B, Building C, Building D, Building H, etc.”
  • Capitalize the word “Building” when used with “A, B, C, etc.”
  • Avoid using “Block A” or “Bloc A.”
    - You may visit our offices in Building A.
    - The sports activities will take place in Buildings B and H.

6. Programs and Workshops

  • Capitalize the titles of programs and workshops. Do not capitalize “the” or the words “program” or “workshop” themselves.
    - Antonine University’s Scholarship program.

7. Web Addresses

8. Punctuation

a) Colons (:)

  • When used within a sentence, write the first word in lowercase following a colon unless it is a proper noun or the beginning of a complete sentence (with a subject and finite verb).
    - We have two choices: to stay or to go.
    - In his address, Dr. John said: “The criteria for success do not depend solely on achievements but on the person himself.”


b) Bulleted Lists

  • Do not use ending punctuation for the items of a bulleted list.
    UA will achieve its vision and mission while abiding by its core values:
    - Truth
    - Excellence
    - Diversity
    - Integrity
    - Responsibility
    - Beauty
  • If the text of the bullet point is a complete sentence (with a subject and a finite verb), add a full stop at the end of each point.
    We encourage our students to join any club that interests them and we expect them to follow the rules mentioned below:
    - There are no membership fees.
    - Membership is yearly.
    - The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) sets the deadline for joining a club.
    - Members will have to attend three to four meetings per semester.
    - Each club must have a minimum of 10 members.
    - Each club has a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • If the text of the bullet points is an incomplete sentence (with the main verb in a gerund or an infinitive form), it should be related to the sentence preceding the bullet points. In this case, add a semicolon (;) at the end of each point and a full stop at the end of the last point.
    The Office of the Registrar secures its efforts to:
    - reduce enrollment complications;
    - allow students to navigate all administrative policies by providing accurate information and instructions through all possible communication channels;
    - adapt services and create innovative solutions to meet all student needs.

c) Ellipsis

  • Consider the ellipsis as a three-letter word with a space, three dots, and a space.
    - Antonine University (UA) is ... nationally recognized and internationally engaged.

d) Hyphens, En Dashes, and Em Dashes

  • Use the hyphen (-) to separate numbers, such as social security numbers or extensions.
  • The hyphen is also used for compound adjectives before the noun.
    - The Office of Communications can be reached at +961 5 927000 ext. 1120 - 1128.
    - full-time instructor, a well-known actor, a 20-year sentence
  • Use the en dash (–) to connect continuing or spans of numbers, such as dates and times. Do not include spaces between the words or numbers and the en dash.
    - September–December 2013
    - 1:00–3:00 PM
    - Steve Jobs (1955–2011)
  • In a narrative text, it is also correct to spell out the meaning of the en dash in words.
    - from May 2003 to July 2008
    - between 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM
  • Use the em dash (¬¬—) to indicate a sudden break or pause in a sentence with a space between the words and the em dash.
    - Going home — that was the only thing the soon-to-be graduates cared about.
  • Use the em dash to add an element that defines or expands on an element mentioned in the sentence.
    - The class — not initially expected to be popular — had students from all faculties enrolled by the end of the first day!
    Key (for Windows):
    En dash – Ctrl + hyphen
    Em dash — Ctrl + Alt + hyphen¬
    Key (for Mac):
    En dash – Option + hyphen
    Em dash — Shift + Option + hyphen

e) Quotation Marks

  • When using quotation marks, always place the punctuation (, . ! ?) within the quotation marks. Do not to use the French quotation marks « » unless you are quoting a French phrase.
  • Use single quotation marks only for a quote within a quote.
    - “We are a university of enormous influence and impact,” said the Rector, Father Michel Jalakh.
    - “The professor addressed Steve, ‘You are doing it all wrong.’”
    - Father Michel Jalakh addressed the French visitors: « vous êtes le centre dynamique de tout ce qui vous entoure. »
  • Single or double quotes should not be used for emphasis. Use italics instead.
    - What determines our ill-being?

f) Apostrophe

  • For most singular nouns, add an apostrophe and an “s” to make the possessive, even if the noun ends with an “s” or “z”.
    - student’s class
    - Nancy’s car
    - Marc’s theories
    - the crisis’s toll
  • For plural nouns that end with an “s,” only add an apostrophe.
    - students’ classes
    - members’ votes
    - the Jones’ house
  • When the singular form of a noun is the same as the plural, add an apostrophe.
    - politics’ true meaning
    - economics’ forerunners


g) Serial Commas

  • Always place a comma before the last “and” in a list of more than 3 words.
    - The table may be covered with 3 different kinds of items: gifts, food, and flowers.

9. Numbers

a) Counting

  • “Zero” is always spelled out except in scientific contexts, such as tables, statistics, etc.
  • If the sentence begins with numbers from 1 to 99,999, spell them out, otherwise, write them as numerals.
    - Antonine University has 3 campuses and 85 full-time faculty members.
    - Ten people were disciplined following an investigation.
    - One hundred ten candidates were accepted.
  • Use commas as separators for numbers over 1,000.
  • Use a period as a decimal separator.
    - The crowd was estimated at 2,350.
    - Nearly 55.8% of UA students benefit from financial aid.
  • Spell out numbers above hundred thousand, million, billion, etc. If the number is fractioned, put it as numerals, then follow it with “hundred thousand,” “million,” “billion,” etc.
    - two hundred thousand
    - five million
    - 2.3 billion
  • Spell out ordinal numbers from “first” to “ninth” and use numerals for ordinals from “10th” onwards, superscripted with suffixes.
    - He ranked third in his class.
    - He was ranked 15th overall.
  • When referring to percentages, use numerals followed by the percent symbol (%) without a space.
    - Approximately 25% of UA alumni live in Beirut.
  • When referring to a century, spell out the number.
    - She is particularly interested in the seventeenth century.
    - Did you hear about the ninth-century Arab dhow that was discovered in 1998?

b) Dates

  • Dates should be written in this order: “month, day, year.” Use cardinal numbers for days.
    - The Opening Ceremony was held on September 4, 2019.
  • Do not use an apostrophe or contracted words when pluralizing dates.
    - Correct: the 1980s
    - Incorrect: the 1980’s or the ’80s
  • When specifying a range of years, do not include the century of the second year in the series if it has not changed. Use en dash (–) between date ranges without a space.
    - Correct: the academic year 2017–18
    - Incorrect: the academic year 2017–2018
    - 1866–2016
  • Spell out all months.
    - Liberation Day is on May 25.
    - We met in January 1994.
    - The Opening Ceremony was on September 4, 2019.
  • If you use “st,” “nd,” and “th” in dates, they should be superscripted.
    - To officially mark the beginning of the 26th academic year, the Welcome Week was held on Antonine University’s 3 campuses from September 19 to 23, 2022.
  • When using a phrase where the month appears with the year, do not separate the year with a comma.
    - He moved to Beirut in September 1998.
  • When you write the date in full, use commas as in the examples below.
    - She was born on September 21, 1947, in Cyprus.
    - Monday, September 4, was a holiday.
    - UA and Amann Girrbach established a training center in October 2010 to satisfy the growing need for professional skills in Lebanon.
    - The training session held on October 15, aims to guide you through creating your LinkedIn profile.
  • When specifying a range of dates within the same month, only mention the month once. The same applies for years.
    - Correct: The UA Welcome Week will be held from September 19 to 23, 2022.
    - Incorrect: The UA Welcome Week will be held from September 19, 2022, to September 23, 2022.

c) Phone Numbers and Extensions

  • Write phone numbers without hyphens.
  • Use “ext.” as an abbreviation for the words “extension” or “extensions” followed by the number.
    - For extensions, UA uses +961 5 927000 ext. 1002.

d) Time

  • Give all times using the 12-hour clock. Use uppercase without periods and with one space between the number and “AM” or “PM.”
  • When dealing with time ranges, use an en dash (–) without spaces before and after. If both times are “AM” or “PM,” only list it once at the end.
    - The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM.
    - The Library is open 10:00 AM–4:00 PM.
    - The Library is open between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.
    - The session will take place on December 3, 6:00–7:00 PM.
    - The Language Center’s visiting hours are 10:00 AM–12:00 PM and 4:00–8:00 PM.
  • Do not use “noon,” “midnight,” or “midday” when describing the time. If the meeting starts at noon, it starts at 12:00 PM.

10. Names and Titles

a) Formal Titles

  • When referring to a woman, married or not, avoid using “Mrs.” and use “Ms.” Instead.
    - Ms. Marie Dahdah, Administrative Director of the Campus of Mejdlaya–Zgharta
  • When referring to a man, use “Mr.”.
    - Mr. Ryan Abboudy, Director of the Office of Orientation and Admissions


b) Arabic Names

  • When alphabetizing, consider El and Al, Abu and Abou, etc. part of the family name. So, for example, “El-Hajj” should be alphabetized under “E.”
  • Strive to be consistent with the spelling of people’s names. If there is an inconsistency between the email name and official listings, use the latter.
    - Email name: Elise Abi Kheres. Official listing: Elyse Abi-Khers. Use “Elyse Abi-Khers.”

c) Doctor

  • “Doctor” can be used when referring to anyone who is a medical doctor or a PhD holder. It is preferred over “Professor” when referring to a faculty member.
    - Dr. John Doe recently retired from UA, where he served as a lecturer from 2000 to 2019.
    - Dr. Jane Doe, an associate professor at the Antonine School of Business, organized the third panel.
    - Drs. Moukarzel and Lahoud will be attending the meeting on Thursday.

d) Honorary Degrees

  • Avoid using abbreviations for honorary degrees unless in a list of honorary degree holders that includes the year the degree was granted. When abbreviating an honorary degree in a list, use “HD” without periods.
    - Raymond, HD 1992.
  • Do not refer to an honorary degree holder with the courtesy title “Dr.” or “Hon.” When referring to someone who holds an honorary degree, make it clear that the degree is honorary.
    - Correct: Raymond, who holds a 1992 honorary degree in Engineering from Antonine University, said ...
    - Incorrect: Raymond, HD, said ...
    - Incorrect: Raymond, Hon., said ...

e) Professor

  • Do not abbreviate the word “professor.”
    - He is a Math professor.
    - Professor Joe Hein will moderate the conference.

11. Acronyms and abbreviations

a) Acronym Redundancy

  • Never follow an acronym with a word that is part of the abbreviation.
    - Never write “PIN number” as PIN already means “personal identification number,” or “did you ever take the SAT test?” as SAT means “scholastic aptitude test.”

b) Academic Year

  • Spell out “academic year” the first time. After that, you may use “AY” instead.

c) Units of Measurement



Unit of measurement

Style Guide



5 b



87 B


Celsius, Centigrade

16 C

Cc or cm³

cubic centimeter (cm³ is standard)

5 cm³



10 cm



10 GB



5 g



2.5 ha






259 KB



9 kg



15 kl



226 km



9 kWh



2 L



8 m



7 MB

Mcg or µg

microgram, (µg is standard)

5 µg



89 mg



56 ml



42 mm



45 s



10 t



240 v



60 w



240 kW


12. Alumni

a) Identifying Alumni

  • When writing about a UA alumnus or alumna, include the individual’s degree and year of graduation on the first reference only.
    - Ahmed Abs, Bachelor of Business Administration 2019, was invited to be part of the international conference held in Germany on August 21, 2019.
  • For mixed-gender groups, use the masculine plural as the default gender (alumni). For other references, use alumna (f., singular), alumnae (f., plural), alumnus (m., singular), and alumni (m., plural).

b) Graduation Year

  • Refer to the graduation year by including the student’s name, the type of degree they earned, and the year of graduation.
    - Rana El Helou (BE 1996, ME 2000)
    - Zein Chamoun (MA 2019)

13. “And” versus Ampersand

  • Use the ampersand (&) only with company names or event titles if the ampersand is part of the official name. In all other cases, use the word “and.”
    - M&M’s and H&M
    - How to Be Mentally Stronger, Healthier & Resilient

14. Commencement

  • Capitalize the word “commencement” when referring to Antonine University’s graduation event.
    - Five hundred students attended the Commencement in 2012.
    - Two students spoke at the Commencement Ceremony.

15. Committees, Boards, and Councils

  • Capitalize the words “committee” and “board” when they are part of a formal title.
  • Capitalize the words “committee” and “board” when referring to a specific Antonine University committee or board.
    - The UA Council is primarily responsible for establishing a strategic direction that is consonant with the Organic Statute rules and regulations and the Board of Trustees policies.
    - The Ethics Committee usually meets every month.
    - The board meets next week.

16. Currency

  • Lebanese pounds are designated as “LBP,” and US dollars are designated as the dollar sign ($).
    Both “LBP” and “$” precede the numbers without a space.
    - That book will cost LBP40,000.
    - UA students should settle the parking membership fees of $35 per month.
  • Spell out numbers above hundred thousand, million, billion, etc., followed by “Lebanese pounds” or “dollars” spelled out.
    - … one hundred thousand dollars
    - The foundation made a grant of seventeen million dollars.
    - … two million Lebanese pounds
    - … three billion dollars
  • If the number is fractioned, put it as numerals, then follow it with “hundred thousand,” “million,” “billion,” etc. The “LBP” and “$” precede the number without a space.
    - … $1.5 hundred thousand
    - … LBP3.7 billion
  • If the sentence begins with the currency, spell out the numbers and currency.
    - Seven million dollars were raised in the fundraiser.
    - Two hundred thousand Lebanese pounds are to be paid at the bank.


17. e.g. and i.e.

  • Lowercase the “e.g.” and “i.e.” followed by a comma.
    - The University completed several projects in 2012 (e.g., the new building with a dome and five underground floors).

18. Email

  • The word “email” is not hyphenated. Do not use “e-mail.”

19. Et Cetera

  • Precede the abbreviation “etc.” with a comma and a space. Use one period afterward.
    - The activities held by students at the UA are diverse. They include hiking, sports activities, outdoor gathering, etc.

20. Identifying Degrees and Official Degree Program Names

  • When writing about official university degree offerings, generally capitalize official degree names listed with a degree rank but lowercase generic fields of study or degree subjects without any designated rank.
    - The Department of Nursing Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Sciences.
    - The BS in Physical Therapy from the Faculty of Public Health is available on the three campuses.
    - The Faculty of Engineering offers several computer engineering degrees.
    - UA offers bachelor’s degrees in areas such as business management, audio-visual, and advertising.

21. Résumé versus Resume

  • When referring to the document for pursuing a job, use “résumé.” When meaning to continue, no accents are needed “resume.”
    - Submit your résumé and writing samples to the Office of Human Resources.

22. Regions

  • the Arab world
  • the MENA region
  • the Middle East
  • the Asian Pacific


23. Seasons

  • Lowercase the seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

24. Semesters

  • Capitalize the season when referring to semesters.
    - I’ll be taking this course during the Fall semester.
  • Semesters can also be referred to by the last 2 digits of the beginning academic year, followed by the number of the semester.
    Examples (Academic Year 2022–¬¬¬2023)
    - Fall semester 2022 is 2201.
    - Spring semester 2023 is 2202.
    - Summer semester 2023 is 2203.


25. Inclusive Language

  • Use people-first and inclusive languages that do not stereotype or demean people based on diagnosis or personal characteristics, including ability/disability status, gender, gender expression, race, ethnicity, economic background, religion, and sexual orientation.
  • Use gender-neutral terms.
    - Incorrect: manpower
    - Correct: workforce
    - Incorrect: Each student is expected to turn in his paper by the deadline.
    - Correct: Students are expected to turn in their papers by the deadline.
  • Avoid deficit-based language that equates the person with the condition they have or defines them by it.
  • Avoid language that has superfluous, negative overtones, and/or is regarded as a slur.
    - Incorrect: a blind person, a person confined to a wheelchair
    - Correct: a person who is blind, a person who uses a wheelchair

26. Preferred Spellings

  • Use “advisor” not “adviser.”
  • Use “inquiry” not “enquiry.”
  • Use “enroll” not “enrol.”
  • When capitalizing, use “Full-time” not “Full-Time.”
  • Use “log in” when referring to the word as a verb, and “log-in” when referring to the word as a noun. “Sign in” and “drop out” follow the same rule.
    - To make changes, you need to log in to your account.
    - You can change your log-in after entering it once.
    - She decided to drop out of university because she was not enjoying the course.
    - After several failures, she knew it was a drop-out.
  • Do not hyphenate “Vice Rector” or “Vice Rectorate.”