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Vice Rector for Integral Human Development

The Vice Rectorate for Integral Human Development (VRIHD) at Antonine University (UA) is fully devoted to providing students with the necessary support to help them develop intellectually and psychologically. To achieve its goal, the VRIHD has set up several services and offices tailored to their needs and aimed at maximizing their academic and personal potential, optimizing their learning, and supporting them to reach their goals more effectively throughout their years of study. This assistance enables them to define their own way of success that inevitably leads to their well-being, the latter concept being at the heart of UA’s mission which not only includes offering quality education, but also supporting initiatives to build sustainable well-being for its local and global communities. Through the initiatives implemented by the VRIHD, UA students flourish at all levels: academically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically, financially, and professionally, and their positive outlook influences every aspect of their personal and academic lives.

Together towards a healthier University!

Related Offices

Units serving UA students include the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), the Office of Social Affairs (OSAf), the Center for Career Development (CCD), the Office of Athletics, the Counseling Service, the Student Academic Success Service (SASS), the Student Volunteering Program (SVP), the Student Representative Committee (PECUA), the Pastoral Care, and the Office of Alumni Relations.

Office of Student Affairs
The OSA welcomes and supports all students, assisting them in overcoming daily challenges while promoting their integration into the academic life. In addition to organizing events, the Office provides students with opportunities to join several clubs that broaden their horizons and help them discover their passions for a more fulfilling life.

Office of Social Affairs

The OSAf assists students facing financial hardships to guarantee that they have access to quality education, as nothing should prevent them from pursuing their studies. It also offers merit-based scholarships to recognize outstanding academic performance.

Center for Career Development

The CCD supports UA students and graduates in their search for employment by offering a wide range of internships and job opportunities through a dedicated digital platform. The Center also provides numerous services aimed at developing interpersonal skills and competencies.

Office of Athletics

As a pioneer in the sports field, UA offers a range of sports activities to encourage them to stay active and take care of their physical well-being. Students can benefit from a wide array of activities, with more than a dozen disciplines, including football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, gymnastics, and more. In addition, UA sports teams participate in several interfaculty and interuniversity tournaments.

Counseling Service

UA provides students with a Counseling Service to address personal and academic difficulties. Our trained experts offer free support to help students navigate challenging times.

Student Academic Success Service

The SASS assists students in excelling in their studies and improving their writing abilities, which are essential for high-quality academic work and projects. Students have the opportunity to meet with advisors on a one-to-one-basis and receive guidance and corrections.

Student Volunteering Program

The SVP encourages students to develop their talents and strengthen their professional, academic, and personal skills. Through this Program, students learn the importance of teamwork, communication, and civic responsibility.

Student Representative Committee

Comprised of UA students who have achieved top academic grades, the PECUA aims to foster communication between students and governing bodies. Members of the PECUA dedicate time to listen to their peers at the faculty, discuss their requests and concerns, and effectively communicate this information to the relevant authorities.

Pastoral Care

This Service helps students deepen their spiritual knowledge, find harmony with their spiritual side, be of service, and contribute to society.

Office of Alumni Relations

This Office focuses on strengthening the bond between UA graduates and the University. It highlights the achievements of UA alumni and aims at creating an exchange network between current students and alumni.


Rev. Fr. Jean Al Alam, OAM

  • PhD in Education, Leadership, Evaluation, Curriculum, and Policy Studies – University of Ottawa
  • MEd in Organizational Studies in Education – University of Ottawa
  • MA in Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Spirituality – Saint Paul University
  • BA in Psychology – York University
  • BA in Theology – Catholic University of Lyon (UCLy)