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Student Representative Committee


Antonine University (UA) seeks to strengthen the participation of its students in the construction of the quality assurance system and the development of the factors that enhance their academic and student life. Thereby, the Student Representative Committee (SRC) is essential to ensure that our students’ voices are heard through the valedictorians of each faculty.

The main goal of the SRC is to create an effective, systematic, and periodic link between the students and UA’s governance. Therefore, the faculties’ representatives must listen to the opinion and concerns of their colleagues and communicate them with either the Dean of the respective faculty, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), or the Vice Rector for Integral Human Development (VRIHD). Additionally, they should attend the faculty’s council meetings and deliver the messages discussed to the students. The representatives can fulfill these duties by ensuring two hours per week in their respective faculty. The office hours of each member are communicated by the administrative assistant of each faculty.