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Clubs and Societies

Do you want to express your interest and develop your skills on campus? Enjoy yourself and get involved in the UA campus life by joining our clubs or by suggesting new ones!

Clubs Bylaws

We encourage our students to join any club that interests them and we expect them to follow the rules mentioned below.

  • There are no membership fees.
  • Membership is yearly.
  • The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) sets the deadline for joining a club.
  • Members will have to attend three to four meetings per semester.
  • Each club must have a minimum of 10 members.
  • Each club has a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Our ultimate goal is to motivate and encourage students to make their academic path enjoyable with activities, and ensure that their well-being stands among the top priorities of UA. Joining a club or a society will enable students to connect with peer groups that share similar interests. It will also help them gain knowledge, skills, and experience in leadership.

Student Clubs on Campus

Hiking Club

This club organizes guided hiking tours to go on discovery trips to numerous mountains and beach expanses in Lebanon. It also organizes several camping journeys throughout the academic year to discover the Lebanese culture in various aspects.

Drama Club

A creative interactive platform founded in 2012 under the leadership of actor and stage director, the drama instructor Mr. Michel Hourany, this club opens its doors to all students who would like to express themselves, discover their acting talents, and unleash their energy through theater.

So far, the club has presented 7 plays and participated in many local and international festivals. The plays directed by Mr. Michel Hourany won several awards:

  • Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress at the Fez Festival of University Theater in Morocco, May 2016;
  • Best scenery at The Lebanese International Theater Festival, 2017;
  • Best Actress at The Cairo International Gathering for University Theater, 2018.

Dance Club

Whether dancing is your passion or your talent, you have just reached the right club! Professional dancers are ready to train and develop your talents in different dance genres, such as Samba, Rumba, Cha-cha, and Paso Doble. They will motivate you to move, learn new techniques, and do what you love while enjoying every second of it. The Dance Club also presents several routines during UA Founder’s Day and other on-campus events.

Photography Club

Join this club and capture memories through the lens of your camera! Explore your passion for photography and your skills through learning new unique shots. Members of this club can help cover UA events if they wish to and can be featured on the University’s social media pages.

Music Club

This group organizes several musical activities, especially during UA events. Students do not need to be majoring in music to join the club. As long as the students are passionate about music, they can enjoy different instrument programs such as guitar, piano, drums, daf, oud, orchestra, and many others.

Green Club

Saving our planet should be one of our main priorities, so why not start from our campus? Whether through spreading awareness about environmental behavior or planning activities, let us join our creative ideas together to transform the campus into an eco-friendly one!

Cine Club

Are you a cinephile? Then this club will be the place where you gather up with other fellow cinema lovers! You will watch movies together and discuss the art of filmmaking, directing, and acting. You will be engaged in debates related to movies with experts in the field through several movie nights organized on and off campus.

First Aid Club

Our group of volunteer students, who are members of the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC), form what is known as the “First Aid Club.” It aims at providing short-term care for any person on campus who is sick or has had an accident, to help them recover or to prevent their condition from worsening. This club is primordial on all our campuses because we seek to provide a first-quality intervention for our staff and students in case their lives are at risk.

Armenian Club

Students of Armenian origins join and share mutual Armenian culture on campus. They organize many events during the academic year related to their culture, such as the mass of the Armenian genocide.