Mission and Goals | Antonine University


Mission and Goals


The mission of TICKET Lab is to be a leading research entity in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, working towards a comprehensive future. The mission encompasses the following objectives:

  • ensuring the development and promotion of scientific research through collaborations with universities and industries;
  • contributing to society’s scientific and technological development through the organization of scientific events (conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.) and the publication of research works;
  • facilitating technology transfer through collaborative projects with national and international institutions and organizations.



  • conduct high-quality applied research in the field of ICT, with a focus on human-centered computing and industry-oriented research;
  • acquire state-of-the-art hardware and software resources to support ICT research and share them with the wider scientific community;
  • achieve financial stability and foster growth;
  • establish a strong reputation as research entity specializing in human-centered computing industry collaboration;
  • cultivate a network of collaborative partnerships with national and international academic and industrial organizations;
  • offer skill development to a broad range of students in the field of research and innovation in ICT;
  • provide research and development services across various university faculties and promote interdisciplinary research.