Spring Fest 2019 - Université Antonine (UA)

  • Spring Fest 2019

    04 mai 2019
    Spring Fest 2019
    Antonine University’s Zahle Campus Spring Fest 2019 is happening on May 4th starting at 2 p.m. Join us for a full day of fun and entertainment that will be broadcasted live on LBCI with lovely hosts Elie Jlede and Mia Saiid in a special episode titled LBCI ma3ak - bel Bekaa. The day will be packed with sports activities, including urban sports, a bicycle show, a basketball dunks and tricks showcase, in addition to a lineup of sports competitions featuring a basketball 3x3 tournament, wall climbing, arm wrestling, and a tractor race. Contests also extend to tech with robotics and drone races on the menu with both a robotics race and drone race and of course food with #SoukElAkel sponsored activities like biggest 'Sfi7a Baalbakiye', most Saj breads made in 60 seconds and a cool bartender show. But it doesn't just stop here, the audience will be entertained with many funny challenges blending humor and tradition and a beautiful guest performance by Georges Nehme.