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BA in Advertising – Graphic Design

French, with several courses taught in both languages French and English

  • 96 Credits
  • 3Duration of the program
  • $100Price
Official Name of the Program BA in Advertising – Graphic Design
Official Degree Level Bachelor of Arts
Price/Credit $100
Campuses Availability Hadat–Baabda

Program Objectives

The objective of the Program in Graphic Design is to improve students’ knowledge and skills in branding, interface design signage, layout, infographics, web design, online marketing, TV graphics, animations, and motion graphics. In this program, students will receive a strong technical and artistic practice; they will be able to conceptualize and execute graphic projects related to graphics, illustrations, web, and animation.


To apply for the program in Graphic design, students should complete a file on-site or online at specific dates, sit for an entrance test, and have an interview at the Faculty. The language level required for graduation is B2.

Language level required to register in the following courses:

Code Courses Credits Pre-requisite
HIST101-FC00 Insights about Art 3 B.2.1
DESS102-FP00 Graphic Arts (Culture1) 1 B.2.1
HIST102-FC00 Design Theories and History 2 B.2.1
DESS104-FP10 Advertising (Culture 2) 1 B.2.1
Teaching Methods

Based on hands-on activities along with theoretical courses, the main teaching methodologies in the Department of Graphic Design are:

  • Interactive lectures
  • Hands-on activities within workshops
  • Project and teamwork-based learning
  • Case analysis
  • Discussions, brainstorming and self-reflection
Evaluation Process

Based on the type of courses if theoretical or hands-on, we always refer to the course learning outcomes for evaluation according to the following:

  • Theoretical courses:
    • Continuous evaluation: [20% - 60%]
    • Mid-term exam: [25% - 30%]
    • Final exam: [40% - 50%]
  • Practical courses:
    • Continuous evaluation: [20% - 60%]
    • Mid-term project: [25% - 30%]
    • Final project: [40% - 50%]
Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

By the end of the Graphic Design program, students should be able to:

Common PLOs:

  • Work and communicate effectively, respecting the professional ethics
  • Work on topics related to community and social commitment
  • Apply the right processes and methodologies to a given context
  • Create, individually and within teams, traditional and non-traditional creative material to meet customers’ challenges


Specific PLOs:

  • Design an innovative project aligned with professional ethics in printing, websites, social networks and animation
  • Plan all stages of a visual communication strategy
Job Prospects

Students graduating in Graphic Design can take role in various positions, such as:

  • Artistic Director
  • Creative Director
  • Freelancer
  • Social media Specialist
  • Web designer
  • Visual Communicator
  • Branding creator
  • Motion Graphic Animator

Program Structure

University Common Program

Code Course Credits
SCOP 202-AC00 Citizenship and the Society
Citizenship and the Society
SCOP 202-AC00
3 Credits
This course aims at strengthening students’ knowledge of the principles and values of citizenship and civic work as a means for active engagement in society. Students will identify key areas and strategies related to legal citizenship, diversity and pluralism, reflecting critically in teams about current issues, and presenting through projects innovative ideas while referring to the Constitution and the international laws.
Common Courses

Code Course Credits
NUME101-FP00 Atelier numérique
Atelier numérique
2 Credits
In this course, students will learn the roots of graphic design and the important role of imagery, color, typography, and composition, while exploring the fundamentals tools and technique of bitmap image and vector illustration manipulation.
DESS101-FP00 Dessin et croquis
Dessin et croquis
2 Credits
The course is an introductory drawing and sketching course that is intended to help develop basic observational and technical drawing skills as well as increase personal expression through creative investigation. Focusing on various methods and techniques students will explore the drawing properties and the space representation, to present on a two-dimensional surface the illusion of the three-dimensional world.
DESG103-FP10 Langage visuel I
Langage visuel I
2 Credits
In this course, students will understand how to communicate sensory concepts using a graphic language (geometric shapes, line, color, texture, contrast, volume and shape). Students will learn the principles of composition, proportion, movement as well as visual rhythm and concepts useful for all visual communications projects
PHOT101-FP00 Photographie
2 Credits
The objective of this course is to offer students a general idea about photography by mixing history, theory, technique and practice. Students will learn the different parts of a camera (diaphragm, shutter ...), and how to take pictures from different angles
Histoire de l'Art
Culture et communication
TYPO101-FP00 Typographie I (Latine)
Typographie I (Latine)
2 Credits
The course offers a brief study of the evolution of characters in order to develop new ways of seeing, reading and interpreting an explicit and adequate vision for a given subject. In this course, students will acquire the needed skills to create, design and produce graphic, and aesthetic works, and communicative it to various media audiences.
IMPR101-FP10 Imprimerie et mise en page
Imprimerie et mise en page
2 Credits
In this course, print media studies are taught for various printing processes, principles and techniques through lectures, assignments, and field trips to print industries. Emphasis is placed upon the vocabulary of the print industry and hands-on experience through the study of printing specification, quotations and pricing, file preparation and professional printing. Student will discover the technical and business requirements needed to make printing’s blend of art, craft and industry work for them.
Langage visuel II
Animation I
CONV104-FP10 Création de site web
Création de site web
2 Credits
The course starts with the fundamentals of web technologies HTML and CSS. Students will learn Web Development by building websites and mobile apps using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, MySQL. How to build a responsive website using more advanced techniques such as iQuery PHP 7, MySQL 5 and Bootstrap. Then developing blogs and websites with Wordpress, and learning smart ways to add plugins and themes
MRKT 401-FC00 Marketing I
Marketing I
MRKT 401-FC00
2 Credits
The marketing course introduce students to the fundamentals of marketing and to the fundamental links between marketing and communication. Students will clearly understand the fields, meanings, objectives, market players and marketing actions, while having a general overview of the world of advertising agencies and advertising.
COPY 101-FC01 Copywriting I
Copywriting I
COPY 101-FC01
2 Credits
This is a step by step practical course that will teach students the craft of copywriting taking them from general knowledge to specific writing techniques including examples and best practices in the classical and emerging media.
DESG102-FP10 Illustration graphique
Illustration graphique
2 Credits
The course presents illustration as a communication tool with codes and grammar, adaptable to formats and recipients. Students will learn graphic illustration for their projects using various visual references: selection of cover for novels, illustrated books for youth, illustrated books for adults, advertising campaigns based on illustration, applied illustration, exercise of communications…
REAL 104-FP00 Réalisation publicitaire I
Réalisation publicitaire I
REAL 104-FP00
2 Credits
In this course, students will gain a working knowledge of Photoshop and illustrator and develop their skills in editing and altering photographs for through a deep understanding of the tools. The main objective of this course is to enable students to create and visualize their ideas by using both software Illustrator and Photoshop.
PUBL 107-FP10 Publicité digitale
Publicité digitale
PUBL 107-FP10
2 Credits
In this course, students will learn the establishment of marketing strategies on the main online marketing channels to market a new online business.
ANIM101-FP10 Bande dessinée et Storyboard
Bande dessinée et Storyboard
2 Credits
The aim of the course is to introduce students to the various facets of sequential storytelling: how can successive still images tell a story effectively? How expressive framing and angles can be taken. Short presentations at the beginning of each course will focus on authors of comics according to the eras as well as examples of storyboards from famous films
DESG104-FP10 Atelier de design I
Atelier de design I
3 Credits
The course will focus on building a brand concept and developing it for a product or service. It explores the development of logos through a series of case studies and real-life design tips.
PUBL 101-FC00 Créatif Publicitaire I
Créatif Publicitaire I
PUBL 101-FC00
3 Credits
This is a practical introductory course to the world of advertising with a different brief dealing with various types & concepts of advertising in every session: print ad, film, stunt, ambient, radio, digital, etc. Students will understand how this industry works. With this course, students will have a good basis to perform well in Créatif Publicitaire II.
IMPR102-FP10 Composition et mise en page
Composition et mise en page
2 Credits
In this course, students will discover the technical and business requirements needed to make printing’s blend of art, craft and industry work for them.Real life projects will inevitably prepare students to learn, understand the design process, and participate in the unique, cooperative workflow of the graphic arts.
REAL 105-FP10 Réalisation publicitaire II
Réalisation publicitaire II
REAL 105-FP10
2 Credits
This course builds on Réalisation publicitaire I. Students will gain more working knowledge of Photoshop and illustrator and develop further their skills in editing and altering photographs through a deeper understanding of the tools. The main objective of this course is to enable students to create and visualize their ideas by using both software illustrator and Photoshop.
PUBL 104-FP10 Projet publicitaire I (Évenementiel)
Projet publicitaire I (Évenementiel)
PUBL 104-FP10
3 Credits
The course gives a brief historical overview on the evolution of different advertising media to understand the goals, roles and scope of event communication. A theoretical approach followed by a comprehensive and progressive methodology to support students in their creation of an advertising event. This includes the introduction to advertising creation, advertising strategy from marketing to communication; event communication; event strategy; planning an event.
Major courses

Code Course Credits
DESG105-FP10 Atelier de design II
Atelier de design II
3 Credits
This course explores the principles, problem solving methodology and techniques of graphic design. It investigates visual identity systems applied to printed materials that integrate typography, image, graphics, color and composition for logo and promotional materials design. Throughout the course, students will be exploring the various aspect of logos, corporate identities and branding through projects, discussions and critiques.
COMV101-FP10 Communication Visuelle I
Communication Visuelle I
3 Credits
This course introduces students to a practice-based, hands-on approach to visual communication design. From learning how to transform an image into an icon, to the use of textures and patterns, creating film posters using the elements of graphic design and finally visualizing self-expression and identity. The students will work with creative researchers including architects, painters, photographers, graphic designers, etc. to help them build knowledge.
COMV103-FP10 Dessin Infographique
Dessin Infographique
3 Credits
In this course, students will learn how to translate information into illustrated visual elements: codes, diagrams, communication drawings, etc. The objective is to create a hierarchy of information which tends to tell a story or a certain visual tour in a specific format and dimensions
ANIM103-FP10 Animation II
Animation II
3 Credits
This course builds on “Animation I” (pre-requisite). The objective is to apply learned skills in projects requiring a deeper mastery of its principles and a more in-depth knowledge of Adobe After Effects software. The goal of this course is to have students dealing with motion design projects as if they are in the professional world. Students will acquire the necessary technical and conceptual skills to carry out their projects. Students will also explore other aspects of After Effects. they will learn to navigate in the 3D space it offers, and be familiarized with different ways of manipulating video images through the basics of compositing.
TYPO102-FP10 Typographie II (Arabe)
Typographie II (Arabe)
2 Credits
The course offers an overview of the history of calligraphy, the different styles and calligraphic variants. Students will learn through hands-on exercises throughout the course.
HIST102-FC00 Histoire et théories du design
Histoire et théories du design
3 Credits
The course presents a global vision of design and trends in modern and contemporary age. This course calls upon to students' sense of observation and critical thinking, allowing them to exercise and deepen them. In this course students will develop their creativity, observation, analysis and research skills.
DESG106-FP10 Atelier de design III
Atelier de design III
3 Credits
This course is a continuation of the “Atelier de design II” (pre-requisite), where the previous explorations of the principles, problem solving methodologies and techniques of graphic design have been achieved and now students will have to deal with more complex problem solving and real scale projects.
COMV102-FP10 Communication visuelle II
Communication visuelle II
3 Credits
This course puts an emphasis on visual communication and problem solving through creative thinking, concepts, media, skills, processes and research, with the objective of optimizing visual aspects of wayfinding, communicating identity and content information.
DART104-FP10 Direction artistique
Direction artistique
3 Credits
The course takes a multi-disciplinary approach to art direction, giving students the opportunity to develop their understanding and application of graphic design, moving image, photography, exhibition, and set design.The course is about practice, but it also prioritises critical and reflective approaches to visual culture and broader social, economic and environmental contexts. Topics include all campaign procedures from initial research and creative strategy to final execution and presentation of a comprehensive project.
STAP 101-FS00 Stage Professionnel / Internship
PRFE103-FM10 Projet de fin d'étude AG