Infrastructure | Antonine University



The Department of Nursing Sciences (DNS) at Antonine University (UA) is well-equipped with laboratories to prepare students and develop their skills. All laboratories are equipped with high-tech equipment so that students get familiar with the instruments before they enter the working world.

Hadat–Baabda Main Campus


The DNS has 3 laboratory rooms for practical work.

The first room, which is the simulation laboratory, is provided with a SimMan simulator that may present neurological and physical symptoms. This room is connected by a computerized system to the control room for the instructor.

The other 2 rooms are dedicated to the demonstration, which comes with all the necessary equipment for students, including a non-computerized dummy, to learn and reproduce the gestures of professionals in controlled and real conditions.


The DNS consists of 4 classrooms with an average capacity of 40 students and 1 room with an average capacity of 20 students. One room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, and all rooms are equipped with computers, LCDs, and blackboards.

Mejdlaya–Zgharta Campus

The DNS at the Mejdlaya–Zgharta Campus has 3 classrooms for lectures and an equipped simulation laboratory, which allows students to reproduce the care gestures in the closest conditions to professional reality.